Monday, February 16, 2015

Chapter 4 - House Sitting 101

Charli and I get asked a lot of questions now that we are full time house sitters, such as...
- What is house sitting?
- How do you find houses to sit at?
- Do you get paid?
- Do you pay them?
- Where can you do it?
- Have you lost your minds?

In this post I'll answer these questions and more!

Let's start at the top...

What is house sitting?
In general, house sitting is a way for people to leave their house for an extended period of time while someone else stays there to take care of their pets and provide a "lived in" presence.  There are many aspects to a house sitting arrangement, but in our case it typically involves caring for their pets, keeping their house and property clean and assisting with standard maintenance duties as needed.

How do you find houses to sit at?
There must be a LOT of people doing this because there are a LOT of web sites devoted to it. We have landed on two that have worked well for us:

House Sitters America -

Luxury House Sitting -

The process is kind of like a dating web site (I assume) but without all the lying and exaggerating. On these two sites, the sitters pay a small annual fee ($25-$30) and provide a resume that describes their interests, lifestyle, experience and a general case for why you would want to choose them.  The owners on the other hand do not pay anything. When the owners decide they need a house sitter they post an "assignment" on the site and every house sitter who has signed up gets a notification.

At this point, the owners will immediately start to receive applications for their request and will then have the task of reviewing them for consideration, much like an employer would in a new job listing.  After selecting the desired candidates, the owner will send a private message to the applicants letting them know they are interested in learning more about them.  From there the standard exchange of emails, phone calls, Skypes and Facetimes take place until the owners and applicants are both satisfied they have found a good match in each other.

Do you get paid? Do they get paid?
That depends.  Some house sitters charge for their services, we do not. Some home owners charge rent or utilities, the ones that we have applied for do not.  These criteria are normally spelled out in the assignment posting as well as the house sitter's profile.  It all depends on what the objectives are. In our case we are more interested in living in exciting places around the country and experiencing it at no cost to us, rather than lowering our desirability as a candiate by charging a fee. It's really a win-win for both the home owner and the house sitter when no money is exchanged.

Where can you do it?
Easy... EVERYWHERE!  And there is no better proof of that than us.  In just a few short months we have been lucky enough to find back to back house sitting assignments from coast to coast in beautiful and highly desirable locations for extended periods of time.  For example, we are currently living in amazing western Connecticut for 3 months, nestled in the Berkshire mountains and minutes away from the Appalachian Trail.  Following this we will spend the entire month of May outside of Sacramento, CA in a community surrounded by hiking and bike trails. From there we will spend June at 7500 feet in the Rocky Mountains of Ridgway, CO, in a beautiful house that has snow-peaked mountain views right out the window. After that we plan to spend July back in MN with friends and family only to return right back to Ridgway for round two in August!

Have you lost your minds?
No! Selling everything we own and traveling around the United States living in gorgeous places is the most sane thing we've ever done.  But our minds ARE blown by how amazing this lifestyle is. Not only do we get to experience new communities in intimate detail and make lifelong friendships with great people, but we also have the extreme pleasure of getting to know, and bond with, some very loving animals. Here in CT we can honestly say we have come to love Mickey, Henry and the birds like our own and will miss them dearly when we leave.

So there you have it... the basics of what house sitting is all about.  Please feel free to leave a comment here or on Facebook if you have any questions. We'd LOVE to tell you more!

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Chapter 3 - Beauty and the Beasts

I don't think there is a single definition of "house sitting" that describes all engagements, but based on what we've seen in the ads, 90% of them involve animals in one form or another... either pets, chickens, horses and yes, even ostriches.

In the house we're at here in Connecticut, we have the pleasure of taking care of Mickey and Henry... two of the sweetest dogs we've ever met who LOVE to go for rides in the car and walks in the woods.

AND, as if THEY aren't fun enough, we also have the pleasure of watching two adorable and VERY entertaining African grey parrots. Meet Tu-Tu and Koo-Koo

These birds have an amazing ability to mimic any sound or phrase, which is an endless source of amusement for us every day.  For example if I ask Charli a question, before I can even get it out of my mouth one of them will say "what?" so realistically human that I actually repeat the question.  I fall for it almost every time.  Well I used to.  I'm no bird brain after all.

Or when Koo-Koo decides he wants attention, he will let out a huge fart sound (usually timed when one of us bends over) and then laugh exactly the way Charil does... which of course only makes us laugh, which only delights Koo-Koo even more, and the routine goes on and on and on.   I'm quite certain we're going to have to apologize to the owners when they return, who will be forever left with Charli's high pitched laugh for years to come.

So these are the "beasts" per the title of the post. As far as the "beauty" part goes well let me just say that this part of Connecticut is stunning.  Every day Charli and I head out to one of the hundreds of trails that surround this area and every day we are in awe.  There are endless places to hike along the Appalachian Trail or Housatonic River.  Here's a picture I took just this morning in Macedonia Brook State Park, just 10 minutes from our house.

In addition to rivers, there are covered bridges


mountain lakes

and canopied trails

And then there is Kent itself, where we live, which is one of the most charming little New England towns we've ever seen.  Every business is a converted colonial style house and no "commercial chain" types of businesses are allowed.  So basically it's like walking around in a model diorama.

So yeah, this whole house sitting thing is working out pretty slick so far.  We love the pets, we love the area and we love the idea of seeing the country in intimate detail by getting to know the towns we live in. It's really quite spectacular.

And speaking of seeing things... make sure to tune in for the next installment: Chapter 4 - Day Trippin!

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Chapter 2 - The Maiden Voyage

In my last post I mentioned what inspired us to ditch everything we own and hit the road, besides the popular belief that we are experiencing a midlife crisis. Which we're not.  I think.

But today I'm going to start by talking about one of the key things that is making this new lifestyle even possible for us... telecommuting.

For most of the last decade my jobs have allowed me to work remotely from home, which is an amazing perk to have.  Except that it shouldn't be amazing!  It SHOULD be the norm, but that's a different topic for a different day.  The important thing is that as long as I have an internet connection I can do my job, which allows me the freedom to do it pretty much anywhere in the world (i.e. Hawaii, Las Vegas, in the passenger seat heading down Route 66)... provided I work during CST hours that is.

So, once the last of our kids had moved out there was really nothing preventing Charli and me from hauling anchor and moving on.  Which is where I left off with my previous post.

Dec 13, 2014
Since then, here's what we've been to: 

A slow ride to Vegas

Because our son Brandon wanted our living room couches, we decided to wrap them up, put them in our utility trailer and hand them off to him in Las Vegas where we all met up for Christmas. However, because this trailer had little baby wheels, I had to keep the speed down to 60 mph the entire 1600 miles, which also meant that I needed to stay off the interstates and take only state and county highways.

A fun side note... while driving through Colorado, we spent an entire day creeping down a 2-lane road in a raging blizzard at 30 mph, until we finally gave up and got a room in La Junta because we (and our Prius) just couldn't take it anymore.

A  very Vegas Christmas

Rosie and Charli at Red Rock Canyon
Why Christmas in Las Vegas?  Simple... it was a convenient meeting spot for our boys to drive to since one lives in Phoenix and the other in southern CA, and Rosie had to fly in from Hawaii anyway so it didn't matter where she ended up.  And to make it even more special, our bonus son DJ drove all the way out to Las Vegas by himself to make our family Christmas complete.

So yeah, we did the nightlife thing and it was awesome. Cirque du
Soleil's Mystère was beyond amazing and the magic of downtown Vegas did not disappoint.  But it was the day trips out to Red Rock Canyon National Conservatory, Valley of Fire State Park and Hoover Dam/Lake Mead that really made it special.

Here we hiked for miles, found ancient native American petroglyphs, toured the inside of Hoover Dam and even walked on the dried up bed on part of Lake Mead. These are the things that balance out the neon and make the Las Vegas area a truly amazing place to visit.


Finally after 2 wonderful weeks with all our children, including our boys' wonderful girlfriends, it was time to turn the car around and head out to Connecticut to start our 3 month house sitting gig in South Kent.  But along the 4 day journey we also had the opportunity to meet up with many friends and family!

First we stopped in St. Louis where we spent an evening with Charli's dad, brother and sister-in-law. Then the next day we had lunch in Indianapolis with Ray, my very best friend who used to live next door to us in St. Cloud for many years. On the third night we met up with Brenda and Lauren in Akron, OH... old friends from waaaay back, who we actually met the first time 24 years ago in our prenatal birthing class!

Finally on our last day on the road we had lunch with my good blogging buddy Kathy and her niece at a cool restaurant in Pennsylvania!

Which leads us to here and now... at a beautiful house nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires on the Housatonic River, just a few miles from the Appalachian trail. A dream come true for house sitting types like us.

Coming up next: Chapter 3 - Beauty and the Beasts

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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Chapter 1 - How We Sold Everything We Owned and Hit the Road

It all started back in March of 2013 when Charli and I decided to take a little 4000 mile road trip to see our kids... one in Phoenix and the other in Oceanside, CA. During this 2 week venture I was able to work in the passenger seat while Charli drove during the day, thanks to the magic of a wireless jetpack.

It was this trip where we first learned that we really liked road tripping together and decided that doing it more often would be awesome. We even joked about just selling all our stuff and living on the road full time.  Ha ha ha.

A few months later we ended up in Hawaii, house sitting for some friends of mine for a few weeks while they returned to the mainland for their daughter's graduation. 

It was here where we realized that house sitting was the coolest thing since sliced mangoes and  "theoretically" there was no reason we couldn't simply just sell everything we owned and do this full time!  Then of course after realizing just how impossible this would be, we laughed at ourselves for being daring enough to at least fantasize about it.  Ha ha ha.

But something happened... we couldn't stop thinking about it. Maybe it was a sting from an exotic tropical sea creature... but the itch wouldn't go away.

Finally, after more than a year of saying "why not?" to each other a hundred thousand times, on Sept 7, 2014 we just said "eff it - let do this!" and put the old homestead up for sale.

Of course now we had to figure out how to shed ourselves of 25 years worth of... well, everything. After raising 3 kids and accumulating a house and garage full of "things," it was no small effort to downsize everything we owned to fit into the back of a Prius.  Huge garage sales, enormous garbage pickups and countless cars full of donations later we were finally down to bare bones... just the furnishings in our house necessary to stage it for sale.

And then this happened on Nov 29, 2014

Fortunately for us the new owners decided they wanted to keep most of our furnishings and appliances, so we didn't have to have any more sales (whew)!  A few weeks later the final arrangements were done and we were ready to hit the road... just in time to meet our kids in Las Vegas for Christmas.

And here we go on Dec 13!

Coming up next: Chapter II - The Maiden Voyage

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Yeah sure it'll fit

Aaaaand done!

In my last post I noted that if we didn't sell our house by the time we left that we would need to try again in April. Well, as most of you know by now from Facebook, we DID sell our house!  So yay!

Except yay?... we now have to completely empty our house and have it move in ready for the new owners before we leave on Dec 13?  Uh, sure... NO PROBLEM!

But hey, we're doing it, and it's going fine so no worries. Although I'm pretty sure we underestimated the amount of things we were planning on carrying in the back of our car. For example...

THIS luggage

and THIS 88 note keyboard

oh, and THESE couches

No seriously... we're taking these couches with us to Las Vegas, behind our Prius, so we can hand them off to Brandon.

I mean what could possibly go wrong?

Yep, all this plus a bunch of other stuff I'm sure we haven't even realized yet. But if you think there's no way all these things are going to fit well then you're wrong.  Because we did THIS vacuum shrinky thing with some of our clothes.

So I'm pretty sure we'll be fine.

Yeah runnin' down a dream
That never would come to me
Workin' on a mystery, goin' wherever it leads
Runnin' down a dream

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Changes in Latitudes

Ooh... nothing like a vague story in the local paper to gin up the rumor mill!  Well then, I guess this would be a good time for an update.  It's really quite simple... In January, Charli and I are going to Connecticut for 3 months to house sit for some people we've never met before.  There, that should clear things up.

What's that... not really?

Alright, if you really must pry (we must, we must!)

Here's the scoop. Because my job allows for me to work remotely, I have the freedom to basically work from anywhere there is an internet connection. AND, because all our kids are gone, Charli and I have decided to put our house up for sale and travel for awhile. However, simply traveling around and living in hotels is expensive, so we decided to take advantage of a little thing called house sitting. This is where you can live in a person's house and take care of their pets etc while they travel. No money is exchanged either way and it's a win/win for both parties. So, after signing up on a few house sitting web sites, we met a great couple in CT who will be gone from Jan - Mar and we will be taking care of their dogs and birds while they are away.

But... but... but?

I know, you still have questions. What will you do after that? Where will you live?  What is the easiest way to reduce your 401(k) fiduciary risk?  The truth is, we don't know.  We're just going to do this one gig at a time and see where it leads us.  Right now our plan is to spend Christmas in Vegas with our kids, then turn our car around and head to CT for the winter. After that, thanks to the miracle of social media, you'll know when we do.

In the meantime, we'll be here until Dec 13, so make sure to join us at DB Searles tomorrow night (Sat, Nov 15 from 8-midnight) for a huge party to celebrate an epic 20 years of The Receders.  I'll also be at the Pioneer Place with Grant F. Haake on Nov 21 for his awesome George Harrison tribute, as well as back at the Veranda one last time on Dec 12 with The Acoustics of Nelson/Lee. 

Right now our house still has not sold, but we do have some interested parties. However if it doesn't sell before we leave, we'll likely be back in April to try again.

There... that's all I got.  You now know everything we do. See ya around!

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
― Tolkien

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Talk about getting it ass backwards

This is an absolutely true story, and it absolutely happened to me this morning

I had been in the conference for 3 1/2 hours before they finally called lunch break, and I desperately needed to "go," if you know what I mean. And to make matters worse, I had already commuted 2 hours prior to that - so it was time.  I was ready.

I was the first one out of the meeting room and into the bathroom, just ahead of the 10 or so other guys behind me. I knew if I didn't make a move I would have to wait in line and that was NOT an option at this point. So I saddled up to one of two urinals, unzipped my pants and prepared to do my business... except that my business was not available. What the hell? Why can I not find the opening? Sonofabitch I'm gonna pee my pants if I don't get this party started!

And then I suddenly realized 3 things:
1. For the better part of a minute I had been squirming around in front of the urinal and doing what I can only imagine to look like from behind to be playing with myself
2. There was a line of guys behind me waiting for me and watching me
3. I had somehow put my boxers on backwards this morning

At this point the only thing I could think of was to stop wiggling, move in, and pretend I was relieving myself like a "normal" person. The only other option I had was to unbutton my pants and pull them down around my thighs like a 5 year old boy. And let's face it... that would have been embarrassing.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

20 year old rappers on ice

Yesterday I had this Facebook exchange with a friend of mine, after he posted this picture of rapper Ice Cube on a soda fountain ice dispenser (who I thought was Ice-T, hence the HI-larious "coco" comment).

So, as a result of my inexcusable ignorance, I got called out for not being up on my Ice rappers. Can you imagine?

This, of course, was all in jest, as my friend doesn't REALLY think I'm an ignoram-ice. But his jab did cause me to Google the frozen rapper community to see who else was using this extra-cool moniker. 

Of course I had heard of Ice Cube, Ice-T and Vanilla Ice, but what really surprised me was the substantial list of other Ice rappers that I had NOT heard of before.

Here's a summary:

Ice Pick - Best known for rapping over Chet Atkins guitar arrangements.

Dry Ice - Writes snarky lyrics that nobody "gets."

Ice Road Rapper - Alaska's only "Big-Rig Rapper."

Shaved Ice - Claims to be the first bald rapper to hit the scene.

Ice Cream - Eric Clapton's ill-fated attempt at entering the rap genre.

Ice Machine - Claims to be busiest rapper in the industry. Released 86 albums in 2011.

and finally...

Off-Ice - Thought he going to establish himself as the "bad-ass rapper you don't mess with" because he would "off" you cold... but ended up going nowhere because everyone just thought his music was about working in an office.

In my defense though, you really can't blame me for not being able to tell Ice Cube from Ice-T, considering I have listened to exactly none of their music ever. And besides... after 20 years, I assumed these guys had melted by now.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

What would happen if...

... I wrote a tiny little blog post?

Would anyone notice?

And if they did, would it inspire me to write ANOTHER post the week after that?

And then another and another until eventually I was writing posts every other day like I did for over 4 years at one point?

Interesting question.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

"Well, I have an ingrown nail and terrible gas right now, but otherwise not too bad."

Is it just me, or have we gotten ourselves into a greeting rut as a society?

Take this exchange for example. How many times have you been in this conversation?

You: "Hey Ted, how ya doing?"
Ted: "Good, how are you?"
You: "Great, thanks!"
You: "So, what have you been up to?"
Ted: "Not much, how 'bout you?"
You: "Oh - not too much."
You and Ted: (acknowledging nod)

Brilliant, ain't it?
Now, just for fun, try to get through your day tomorrow and NOT have this conversation with someone. I promise you, it's not as easy as it sounds.

Seriously... does anyone say anything other than some version of "hi, how are you?" or "hey, how's it going?" when we encounter someone anymore? I mean when did a rhetorical question become the only option for saying hello to someone?

I personally try to avoid the ridiculous exchange and usually say something like, "Hi, nice to see you again," or "Hello, you're looking well" - which of course assumes that either are true. Otherwise a simple "Hi" or "Good morning" with a smile works just fine.

My main problem with the over abused "how are you?" greeting is that most people don't really care, or even want to know how the other person actually is. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be if the exchangee decided to reply honestly with a "Oh, not so well. Right now I'm suffering from diarrhea and could very well crap my pants right here."

Ya, exactly.

And think about how much time is wasted on these words that don't actually mean anything. I bet if you added up all the seconds you have spent trading them over a lifetime you would end up with DAYS of wasted time. No... wasted OPPORTUNITY! What if, instead of the empty "How'r you doing?" greeting, people used that time to briefly educate each other with USEFUL information.

"Hi Maria, did you know there's a two-for-one sale on plants at the greenhouse this weekend?"
"No, I didn't! And did you know that eating just 4 sticks of celery a day can help lower your blood pressure?
"No, I hadn't heard that!"
"Yes, it's true. Have a nice day!"
"You too!"

See? Doesn't that make a lot more sense?

Look, asking someone how they are isn't necessarily a bad thing, but does it have to be the ONLY thing? I think not. We're more creative than that. Oh, and for those of you who really DO want to know? I'm doing great... thanks for asking.

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