Sunday, September 25, 2005

35 Things

Huh? The link says 50 things but the title says 35 things? Click here to find out why.

1. I've performed with at least 12 different bands since I was 14.

2. I started college as a music major but quit in the middle of my second year to go on the road instead.

3. When I was 19 the band I was in played a USO tour in Asia with Lou Rawls and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

4. I went back to technical college when I was 28 for computer programming.

5. I went back to college again when I was 38 to obtain my BA.

6. Both times I was back in college I maintained a 4.0 GPA.

7. I eat a bowl of cereal every night before bed whenever possible.

8. If I push on my right eyeball it will make a clicking sound. If I push on it real fast repeatedly it sounds like a geiger counter in my head.

9. I recently had surgery to reattach my retina (not related to above).

10. My biggest musical fantasy is to play my song Blues Don't Get Off with Paul Shafer and the CBS Orchestra.

11. I was born with an underbite and had to wear a device in my mouth as a child to correct it.

12. When I wasn't playing in bands my other jobs were always in restaurants as a cook. I worked in 6 different restaurants between the ages of 13 and 19.

13. If I don't like a food or drink I feel like I'm missing out on something, so I force myself to like it by eating small portions of it for a long time until I finally do like it. I did this with tomatoes and tomato juice (including V8 and Bloody Mary mix), blue cheese, red wine, avocados and many other things.

14. When I go out to dinner, I always order one Bloody Mary with a chaser to start my evening, then switch to something else.

15. I'm 6'4" and weigh 175 lbs.

16. I'm too tall and thin to buy shirts or pants
in regular retail stores that actually fit me.

17. I have high cholesterol but control it by eating a low fat diet and walking 4 miles every day.

18. Someday, after our last child is out of the house,  my wife and I plan to sell everything and move to a resort town nearby so she can run a small tourist-related business.

19. Some words I never spell correctly the first time: inconvenient, restaurant, definitely, incredible, guarantee and occurrence.

20. I ride a 1980 Yamaha SX1100 Special motorcycle.

21. I have mild tinitus, but it doesn't bother me - yet.

22. I have never been in a fist fight with someone.

23. I almost always read magazines starting from the back and work my way to the front.

24. I love milk and drink an average of about 6-8 large glasses (of skim) a day.

25. I'm not afraid of heights but am deathly afraid of unprotected edges like cliffs and lookouts.

26. I started taking guitar lessons when I was 44.

27. I started snowboarding when I was 44 as well.

28. I'm fascinated by astronomy.

29. I'm frustrated by the concept of infinity and infinite division.

30. Cute kid story: I was seven when ML King Jr died. During church when the priest asked if anyone had any additional prayers for MLK I spoke up and said, "Shouldn't we say a prayer for the queen too?"

31. I don't vote down any party lines. I vote for the most qualified candidate, no matter what party they belong to, including the independents. Unfortunately for most of my adult life, I've only had the option to vote for the candidate who sucks the least.

32. Even though every other male in my family does, I have no interest in hunting or fishing.

33. Even though I was born and raised in the northern MN city of Duluth, I hate cold weather.

34. I love to skindive (in tropical locations) and someday hope to become certified in SCUBA.

35. I have committed to taking my son skydiving on his 18th birthday. He will be 18 this June!

36. My wife and I have been happily married since August 19, 1989.

37. I have 3 children - one daughter age 13 and two sons age 17 and 19.

38. I have 1 sister and 2 brothers. We are all 5 years apart. My sister is the oldest and I am the third child.

The following have been submitted by friends and relatives, with my comments in italics:

39. You are the husband and father that most women hope for because you are honest, fair, and liked by all that know you. (The operative word there is "most.")

40. You play music and sing in the church choir. (Just paying my penance for all the times I didn't go to church while I was on the road for 10 years. Of course every hotel room had a Bible that I would read every night instead of going to the parties with the other band guys.)

41. You are a good carpenter. (True - if my ability to construct things with 2x4s and sheetrock screws qualifies me as a carpenter.)

42. You wanted to quit piano because the neighbor children teased you. Your mother asked them to stop, which changed your life. (Not entirely true. I actually put on my Sturgis tee-shirt and do-rag and showed 'em who was boss!)

43. As a child, you dropped everything you touched. I could never understand the complete change unless your mother prayed for that too. ("...everything you touched" may be a little exaggerated. Sure I was a little clumsy - what kid isn't? Just because I dropped my tray at Ponderosa ONE LITTLE TIME! Geez.)

44. At work, you gave the two choice window desks to seniority, instigated a Friday lunch, and answer the door. (This is referencing the fact that when our office moved to a new location overlooking the Mississippi River, I forfeited the window seats to those in my staff who had been there the longest instead of taking one myself. Funny thing though - now they complain the window seats are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Suckers!)

45. You were given the courtesy of a Major at 19 while on your U.S.O. tour. (This was the military ranking equivalent we were given on our tour. Even though we were civilians, we were allowed all officer's privileges. Sweet!)

46. I cannot think of anything bad to say about you, congratulations ---- Dad (That's what dads are for!)

47. When you were on the road with the band "Sensitivity" you spent all the money you had and treated us to an airplane trip to Texas and paid all our expenses for a week, for the most wonderful vacation we ever had!!! ---- Mom (What you're forgetting is that all the money I had in those days I borrowed from you. But I'm glad you remember it this way!)

48. When you were a baby, your big sister and brother called you "Sweatsuss", I don't know why. ---- Brother Rick (I'm assuming it's because of how much you two used to make me sweat while you were torturing me? - Uh, hello!)

[End of submitted by friends and relatives section]

49. My first vehicle was a 57 Chevy pickup that I bought from a friend for $50.

50. My first pet was a parakeet named Charli. Coincidentally, my wife's nickname is Charli as well.


Bugwit said...

Great harp! Is that you singing?

Be Inspired Always said...

Hello, I use to live in St. Cloud. I remember it foundly. How many instruments do you play? I'm producing a children's CD, check out my site.

Anonymous said...

It is quite possible to know too much about someone. You have succeeded admirably in
overloading my frontal cortex.
I will read your blog now without feeling I want to know more. Best wishes. Count Sneaky