Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More About Me

Who is Harmonica Man?

I'm 45, happily married with 3 kids - daughter 10 and boys 14 & 15. I am a Technical Project Manager for a mid-market computer programming/software company, and a life-long musician - hence the Har-moniker.

I've always enjoyed writing. Even as a kid in school I used to love when we were assigned the projects to do a report about something. Most kids viewed this as being sentenced to death row, knowing they only had two weeks left to live before they were executed in front of the classroom. Me? I cherished the challenge, and usually began my research the very same day.

It wasn't until I started college before I realized how easy it was for me to write essays. I could write about anything and always received high marks for my work. Adding humor to my writing came naturally and inspired me to want to journal my thoughts. Unfortunately, I was about 10 years before my time because at that time, there was no easy way for me to do it. Huh? Write it down? Sorry, I said I was creative - not ambitious!

For the purpose of knowing who I am and where my inspirations come from, I can list a few key traits that I think contribute to my writing.

I am: happy and satisfied with life, a professional musician since I was a teen (singer, keyboards, harmonica), a fun dad and sensitive husband, practical and logical, intuitive and intelligent, and funny.

Comedy has always been important to me in many ways. I love to laugh and love to make people laugh whenever I can. And, I rely on comedy to bring me back in balance from my day at my "serious" job. In fact, each night at 10:00 my wife and I have this little debate over which news broadcast we will watch. She likes the real news and I like Jon Stewart. Given the opportunity I'll choose The Daily Show every time
(trust me, I'm getting plenty of the serious and depressing news information just fine).

The same thing applies to my reading preferences. I always turn to the comics first when I pick up a newspaper. And when it comes to columns, writers like Dave Barry and Erma Bombeck get my attention long before I hit the headlines.

And that's what you'll find in my View from the Cloud. Lot's of light-hearted life experiences shaped by the humor that has inspired me.

What you won't find are any posts polluted with vulgar language or hurtful or hateful remarks. That's not who I am. Besides, this is a family-friendly blog and everyone is welcome - my own kids included. You also won't find an "artistic" web page adorned with all kinds of clutter. I prefer to express myself through my writing and like to keep my site clean and easy to read.

So that's who I am.

I know, nothing gritty or disturbing, no sorted past riddled with abuse, no psychotic or bi-polar disorders.
So what perspective could I possibly have on life that would be of any interest to the blog-reading community?

Well, check it out. You might be surprised to find we have more in common than you expected!


Jenn said...

Dave Barry and Erma are my two personal favs. So, I see you have two boys close in age? My boys are close in age too, at almost 6 years and 7½ years old. They probably eat as much as your boys..hehe. So, does your wife have a blog? I'd love to visit, if so.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

emma - I just noticed that you had left a comment here. Blogger is not so good at sending notifications of new comments like it's supposed to.

My boys are only 18 months apart but the older one is nearly 6' and the other is, well let's just say - the shortest kid in the 8th grade.

My wife does NOT have a blog and probably never will, although she reads mine every day. She is a type AAA personality and is always going 1000 MPH, so she has no time for this kind of thing.

I'm her polar opposite and really enjoy a few minutes alone with my keyboard every now and then, which make this the perfect release for me.

Waya said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm so happy to stumble upon it via Suburban Turmoil. Thanks to Lucinda!

I find that we do have a few things in common. I'm also married to a sensitive and loving husband and I'm his almost type AAA wife. And nightly we have our "pillow talk" about the day's events. There isn't anything that we don't talk about. Keep on the great writing harmonica man !

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

waya - Thanks! I am fascinated by your family's history and journey to the U.S. I'm glad you've chosen the blogsphere to share your well-written stories. You keep up the good work as well!

Johnny said...

Wow, looking forward to getting to know you more.. I have alot of past posts from you to get caught up on... Heres to a new friend in the Blog world. !!!!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Thanks Johnny! I always look forward to meeting a new blog friend!

Anonymous said...

So a Musician and a Tech Support is not a dual personality?