Friday, October 28, 2005

My Har-moniker

Well - that wasn't so painful. And guess what - my head didn't explode! So now maybe I can get on with this thing and do what I've wanted to do all along - blog away!

I just finished brushing up for our annual Halloween "bash" at the Pearl Lake Lodge this weekend. Lots of new (old) tunes to sharpen up - Counting Crows, Joe Jackson, Frampton (Frampton?) and other covers.

My band
The Receders (hairline reference of course) is the playground for the creative side of my brain. About once a month we saddle up and play at some local night club filled with lots of friends and fans, all out for a night of good ol' fashioned hangin out and havin fun. And for us, it's a HUGE release - both creatively and physically - and allows us to vent out all the stale air inhaled at our regular day jobs. I used to think it was just a fun thing to do, but lately have come to realize that it's more than that - a real Zen kind of thing that keeps my juices flowing and my blood pressure down. Ok, maybe not so Zen - but good for me nonetheless.

And for whatever reason, I tend to find it rather amusing that in addition to wearing the hats of being a husband, father, professional (you would think that was funny if you knew me at work), homeowner, handyman, school volunteer, very active church member and other things, that I also have this alter-ego of "band guy" (aka "Harmonica Man" for this blog).

This wouldn't seem so strange if I was still in my 20's and still had hair down my back and two earrings, but I'm like this totally nerdy computer programmer kind of guy in my forties who has a bald spot - and two earring holes. But that's what's so great about it. For as unlogical as it seems to me that I should be up on stage banging out rock and roll tunes at my age, it doesn't seem to matter to the tons of friends and fans who come to see us every time we play.

And while I'm up there - under the lights, with my eyes closed and magic of our music all around me - I'm 21 years old once again.

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