Saturday, November 26, 2005

Does this bus go to Duluth?

No, it usually goes "beep-beep."

We just got back from our Thanksgiving visit to Duluth. We had a great time as usual and the food was fantastic!

Now that I'm "blogging" (a term, coincidently, also used to describe how your body is feeling about 1/2 hour after your third course of Thanksgiving food), I get the opportunity to jot down a few thoughts as they relate to this experience.

Coming home again
I always feel a burst of nostalgia every time I come over the hill by Spirit Mountain. Seeing this view below always gives me the warm fuzzies
(click to enlarge).

Then, when I get to the bottom of the hill I get a double dose of fuzziness when I look back up at Radio Park and see the fourteen or so TV and radio towers blinking away. When I was a kid I always imagined they were the landing lights for extraterrestrials.

Big stinky dog
One of the benefits of staying at mom and dad's house is that you always get to share your space with the family golden retriever Sunny. Even though he is the nicest and sweetest dog in the world, he is also 15 years old and has the breath to show for it.

This wouldn't normally be an issue except for the fact that he is most in your face and most in need of attention just at the point of when you're about to take a bite out of your sandwich. One good pant from old "Sunner Bunner" and your sandwich ain't seeming so appealing anymore. On the flip side - we do have a fairly trim family!

My old bedroom
Another special benefit of staying at the folks is sleeping in my boyhood bedroom - with my wife (wink wink, nudge nudge). Of course since the old bedroom is directly across the hall from Mom and Pop I can guarantee you there ain't nothing going on in there.

Now if I could just get THEM to have the same respect! Just kidding of course, ewwww!

The poppies
Much like the scene from the Wizard of Oz, being at mom and dad's has this strange affect on me. For some reason whenever I'm there, I become overcome by sleepiness and cannot seem to sit on the couch without falling asleep. I don't do that at home or anywhere else so I can only assume it's an environmental issue specific to their house.

I've speculated that perhaps it's the altitude, but then 1427 feet is not really that high - although all the empty oxygen tanks littered around their front yard could be a sign.

I've considered that maybe they have a carbon monoxide problem and even whined enough about it over the years to the point where they went out and bought one of those really expensive digital detectors. That wasn't the problem - but they needed one anyway so I don't feel bad.

Radon? Tested. None.

So, if it isn't any of these things what could it be???

Maybe it's not that complicated. Maybe it's just that fact that when I'm there I feel relaxed and "home." Maybe it's the perfect combination of comfortable surroundings, good food and the love of my family all around me that just makes me all warm and cozy inside - so much so that it melts me to sleep.

Or, maybe it's because the air inside the house has been poisoned by their very own canine air exchanger, and all we're left with is the toxic remains of what old bunner-breath leaves behind.

Hey unless you've experienced it personally, don't discount this theory!

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