Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas Gift Ideas - Solved!

I have an idea that I think will make everyone very happy - especially people who are gift-buying losers like me.

Seriously, how painful is it to try to figure out what to buy your dad, who has everything already? Or your teen-aged nephew who lives in California? Or your brand new girlfriend who you definitely do NOT want to make a bad "first gift" impression on?

Now imagine how cool it would be to have a single place where you could magically find out what all those people would most likely appreciate for a gift?

What I'm talking about is a web site where people worldwide would enter in the gift they most appreciated receiving, along with a small amount of demographic information about themselves such as gender, age, race, sexual preference - whatever. Then when it comes time to buy someone else a gift, we can go to this site and sort it down to the exact type of person we are trying to buy for, and wa-la!, we are shown the gifts they would most likely want to receive.

Check it out.

Need something for mom? Click on WOMAN age 62 and you'll instantly find that the favorite gift item received for this group is: An electric cattle prod - specifically the voltage-adjustable model so it doesn't actually kill the husband when used.

Or how about something for your highschool daughter? Click on GIRL age 16 and whatta ya know - the top most appreciated gift for her is: a Motorola RAZR camera phone with streaming video, Bluetooth wireless, instant messaging, MP3 ringtones and custom skins - accompanied by an unlimited calling and text messaging plan. Hmmm.

All right, let's try this one.
What about your son in college? Select MAN age 20 occupation STUDENT. Preferred gift? The Ultimate Beer Bong.

Uh. Ok, maybe this wasn't such a great concept after all.

But just in case, if it ever does become a huge success and makes someone a billionaire - I want it to be known right here that I came up with the idea first!!!

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