Friday, December 16, 2005

Cold is a Relative Term

Life in the SnowburbsHere is what I came home to after work today. Notice how helpful the snowplow was in hiding my sidewalk. Even still, I have to admit that I am enjoying this first "major" snowfall of the season. Check in with me in about 2 months.

On our morning walk today my wife and I were marveling about how beautiful everything was with the crisp clean snow. We were also really enjoying the weather at the time - lightly snowing and a comfortable 15 degrees.

That's right, that's what I said - comfortable. That's because we are now far enough along into winter (well technically it's still Fall until Dec 21, but that's only on paper) that we've become "used to it." This is a term that describes a milestone that us people up Nort reach every year, whereas the temperature becomes unrealistically more tolerable as the season goes on.

For example, in the summer, our bodies' sensory receptors perceive the temperature this way:

85+ degrees (too hot!)
70 to 85 (perfect)
60 to 70 (good yard weather)
50 to 60 (eh)
below 50 (where am I - Duluth?)

However in the winter, after we've gotten "used to it", we perceive the temperature this way:

40+ degrees (summer!
32 to 40 (spring-like)
25 to 32 (warm)
10 to 25 (not too bad out)
0 to 10 above (cold)
0 to 10 below (this sucks)
10 below to 50 below (once it's colder than 10 below, it doesn't make any difference)

So for those of you who think 50 degrees is cold in the winter,
you may want to stop on up north of Interstate 90 and see what cold really means. And don't worry if you don't like it at first - you'll get used to it.

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