Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Free Music Download!

No, this is not a scam. Just click here to download one of our original tunes from my band The Receders.

So who are these guys anyhow? I know, you don't really get a whole lot from our web site.
When I built it I asked the guys if they wanted to put some personal bio info on it so our fans could learn a little bit about them, but they all said "no way!" I suppose they're afraid that the paparazzi will stalk them or something.

I guess I'll respect that - for the most part. I'll just explain a little bit about who we are without using actual names, then people can draw their own conclusions about who does what. Better yet, let's make it a contest - Guess The Band Member! That seems to be just dumb enough that it might work. Let's try it:

Band member 1: Works as a Gastroenterologist for a large local clinic. For those of you who don't know what this is, it means a doctor who treats the digestive tract, usually via special scopes that can be inserted in either opening. The irony is that this person just happens to be the most anal member of our band.

Band member 2: Works as an international something or another for a major medical device company. I don't know specifically what he does but I do know that he hops around the globe the same way you and I commute to the office every day. There have been several times where he has flown in from Europe in the afternoon only to get to the gig a few hours before we start. He likes to live on the edge.

Band member 3: Manages the technical resources for a software development and product support company. Likes long walks on the beach, movies that make him cry and wishes for world peace. Oh yeah, and is rarely serious about anything.

Band member 4: Owns a local advertising/brand marketing agency. I won't divulge what instrument he plays but let's just say he likes to be loud and has more energy than a preschool full of Ritalin-deprived ADD monkeys.

So cast your votes as comments below. Let's see who can be the first one to match the actual band member to his profession. I'll post the winner's name here on this blog who will then receive world-wide recognition!

Hey you never know. Once this blog reaches more than the four people who currently read it, you could be famous too!

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Durblady said...

Okay, I know you won't get this since it is a year plus a few months late but I do now 2 of the bandmembers - #3 is you and #4 is bill. I'm really enjoying catching up on your blog as well as your fave 5 from today's post!