Saturday, December 10, 2005

Livin On The Edge

In my Free Music Download! post a few days ago I noted how "Band Member 2" likes to live on the edge. Funny story... it just so happens that we have a gig tonight, and this particular band-mate is in New Jersey right now as I write this (9:00 a.m. CST). His scheduled arrival time in Mpls is 3:30 this afternoon.

What's so funny about that? Only the fact that they are currently experiencing the biggest snowstorm of the season with a foot of snow expected, schools/businesses closing and major delays expected at the airport. I just received this email from his cell phone:

And if the weather isn't screwing airports up today, I see Bush is coming to Mpls for lunch - which means they will shutdown the airport in Mpls for an hour today as well... Always an adventure.

I guess it's a good thing I like adventures! I'll keep you posted...

...the next day:

Well, as adventures go, this one wasn'’t exactly Indiana Jones. But that'’s a good thing. It turns out all of this band-mate'’s meetings were cancelled yesterday so he was actually able to catch an earlier flight and get back to MN just fine.

But our big gig at Bubba'’s was as fun as usual. Here you can see the secret code they use to tell everyone that FRECEDERS are playing, followed by SGENERATIOGAP.

However, only the people who own the Bubba'’s Secret Decoder Ring will know that it'’s actually The Receders playing on Friday and Generation Gap on Saturday.

Once things got rolling inside, good times were had by all. One especially wild group of ICU staff were gettin down at their annual Christmas party. People were dashing to dance, and prancing vixens were on the prowl.

You may notice that we play at Bubba's a lot, and there's a good reason for it - it's fun, it's crowded and it's ROCKIN! So if you're ever in the St. Cloud area you'll definitely want to stop on over to Bubba's and see The Receders - if you can figure out who's playing!

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