Thursday, December 08, 2005

What's It Like In ND Anyway?

Uggg - I have completely lost my patience for driving during the holiday season.

Today I wasted my entire lunch hour trying to run an errand only five miles from my office, all because the traffic was so heavy that nearly every intersection was plugged up in gridlock. In fact,
at one point in my adventure I was at one light that took 3 complete cycles before I made it through the intersection!

I don't suppose I have any other point to this except for the therapeutic benefit of being able to vent. I'm quite sure I'm not alone in this frustration so knowing that other people out there are experiencing the same pain gives me some sense of satisfaction. After all, misery loves company.

What really bugs me though is that I don't have any better options that are realistic, although I have thought of some unrealistic solutions...

  • Get one of those infrared devices that emergency vehicles use to trigger the lights to turn green. Hey, who's to say that my priorities aren't an emergency? After all, isn't the word "emergency" a relative term anyway?
  • Move to North Dakota. In the entire state there is only one intersection that has the potential to gridlock.
  • Invent a hovercraft that can fly over all the traffic. Although this sounds like a good idea initially, don't forget that even George Jetson got stuck in traffic every week.
  • Abolish Christmas. This would remove the need for millions of desperate holiday shoppers to clog the streets every season. And - would remove the stress of my having to figure out what to buy my wife every year. A double whammy!
  • Drive a really crappy car and treat every trip like a demolition derby. It wouldn't get me there any faster but it would sure as heck feel good!

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Anonymous said...

Get an off road vehicle and drive through the fields. If that doesn"t work walk or take a boat, or bus. Good Guy.