Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Bedroom's Connected to the... Bathroom

My wife has been holding out on me.

First she tells me she would like to paint the kids' bedrooms. Fair enough. As long as I don't have to do any sanding or scraping, which I hate more than anything in the world (besides wet socks), I can handle a few days of slapping some paint on the walls. That won't be too hard or take too long, right?

Wrong. And precisely the reason I ended my last post the way I did. I knew
she had much bigger plans in store for me. Painting the kids' rooms was just a foot in the door, a ruse to hook me so she could unfold her evil diabolical plan to REMODEL THE ENTIRE FREAKING HOUSE!

And so far, my theory is proving to be true. In only 2 days this project has grown from "just" 3 bedrooms to this:

- started painted the bedroom ceilings, but - can't do the bedroom ceilings without doing the hallway ceiling
- can't just do the hallway ceiling without doing the hallway and stairwell walls
- can't just do the bedrooms and hallway without doing the bathroom
- had to bring in ladder from outside to get to the stairwell ceiling
- snow from inside ladder rails melted onto hardwood stair treads and ruined the finish
- might as well refinish the entire stairway since it hasn't been done in years anyway
- refinishing stairway will require hours of - SANDING AND SCRAPING!

And these are just the things queued up so far. Forget about the fact that the stairwell leads to the living room which leads to the kitchen which leads to my remodeling the house for the rest of my life.

Oh well, as long as I still have dry socks, how bad can it be?

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