Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Gotta Go Potty?

My friend is frustrated because she's trying to potty train her 3-year old son, but he's not doing very well. He's currently in that in-between stage of wearing Pull-ups at night and underwear in the daytime.

This is a difficult time for kids, and I think I have a theory as to why. Have you ever listened to a parent of a kid in this stage - especially when they're just getting ready to go somewhere? It's very stressful for the boy. EVERY time it's time to go somewhere all he hears is this -

"GOTTA-GO-POTTY? Are you sure? Maybe you should go potty. GOTTA-GO-POTTY???"

No wonder he's having trouble. Heck, if I was a kid I'd be wetting my pants too - just because of the pressure!

What if someone treated you like that?
Him: "Honey, I'm going to the mall for a few hours."
Her: "GOTTA-GO-POTTY? Why don't you go potty first? Come on, let's go potty!"

And how about the parents who try to broker deals with their kids - in a desperate attempt to bribe them into getting out of diapers? "Billy, if you can stay clean and dry for 1 week, I'll buy you that Gameboy game you've been wanting."

But kids are getting smarter these days.

"I tell you what ma - I'll take the Gameboy thing - but only for staying dry. You want clean - you get me one of those battery-powered Jeeps!"

"Billy! I will NOT be blackmailed by a 3-year old."

"All-right then fine ma (stoop and grunt) - here ya go then!"

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