Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'd Rather Be...

The other day my wife said 12 words no husband ever wants to hear...
"'I'd like you to help me paint the kids' bedrooms this weekend."
Ahhhhh! She just blurted it out - no warning, no "oh by the way", no nothing - she just said it.

Honestly, I'd rather schedule an appointment
to see my proctologist - but he was booked. I checked. He claimed he couldn't find an "opening" (sorry).

Immediately my mind ran through the quick list of excuses that would surely save me from my latex doom...

Um, "I can't dear, I have to appear on Letterman to perform my new single Blues Don't Get Off.

No, that won't work, Letterman doesn't air on weekends. Maybe this one...

"I'd love to, but I'm going ice fishing with the guys." (snort, good one huh?)


"Have to wash my hair?"

Crap! Apparently since I don't actually have a life, it appears I have no choice. I'm guess I'm stuck with the painting thing. Well, how bad could it be?

Someone notify my next of kin - I'm goin in!

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