Sunday, January 08, 2006

Marital Advice - For Men Only

True story... my wife and I got it goin on.

That's right, we've been happily married for 17 years now and I ain't afraid to say it. We are -
successful parents (so far), best friends, business partners, and all the other mushy-gushy things I won't publish because it would gross out my kids if they ever read it.

So how do we do it? Easy, but I must say that the credit for our success is mostly my own. I would love to say that we only have this great relationship because we communicate, or because we walk together every morning, or because we understand and respect each other at a spiritual level, but that's simply not all there is to it.

In fact, there is one more very important factor that I alone am responsible for. One simple secret that has been bestowed upon me that I will now share with all the other men out there who are seeking the keys to a successful relationship.

What is it? Nothing more that one simple phrase:

"Perhaps you're right dear"

That's it. I learned this one from my brother-in-law a few years after we were married. I wish he had shared it with me from the beginning. This is an amazingly simple concept that when used, will lead to years of peace and harmony. This reply is like oil on friction.

Here's a couple of examples:

Example 1.
Wife: I think you should get your butt off the couch and mow the lawn.
Husband: Perhaps you're right dear.


Example 2.
Wife: I think we should go to the mall 90 miles away today instead of the one right here in town.
Husband: Perhaps you're right dear.

On the surface, this response appears to be a suckup and some men may find it wussy. Ahh, but the reality is, this response is actually wussy like a fox - and should be viewed this way:

In example 1, you know the lawn needed to be mowed anyway, and since you're the one who normally mows it, you really have two choices:
a. Stay on the couch, argue with the wife, deal with the crabby wife all day, try to feel good about your manhoodliness.
b. Respond with the appropriate phrase, make the wife happy, make her think it was her doing in the first place, laugh all the way to the bedroom.

In example 2... uh, same answer. In fact, examples 3-100 all have the same answer, that's the point. AND that's the beauty of it!

Guys, why make things complicated when all you have to do is remember this one simple phrase? Trust me, it works and it's easy.
Forget about the idea that "I'm the man and she's gonna do what I say blah blah blah", those days are gone. Something happened to women about 40 years ago that screwed all that up. So why fight it now? And if you really want to show her who the boss is in your relationship, throw this one at her. It will be your decision to use it and she won't be able to do anything about it.

So there you have it - simple advice with instant results. Results that will not only make your life easier, but more importantly, results that could have your wife asking, "Honey, would you like to join me upstairs?" and you responding, "Perhaps you're right dear!"

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Anonymous said...

That advise might work for some, but I just hollar "popsicle" and that has worked for 55 years.---Good Guy!