Friday, January 06, 2006

Original Harmonica Man Music

I didn't necessarily expect it, but I have been receiving quite a few requests to post some of my music here.

I suppose it really shouldn't surprise me. After all, I call myself "Harmonica Man" and have musical note watermarks down my sidebar. Essentially what I'm hearing people say is, if you're going to call yourself a harmonica man - prove it already!

I do have a bunch of live recordings of cover tunes I play harp on, but I would rather post some of my original stuff here instead. So here are a few samples of my work for you to download. I hope you enjoy them - I know I certainly enjoy playing them.

Blues Don't Get Off Intro - Written and performed by Jeff Lee (aka Harmonica Man)

Blues Don't Get Off - Written, performed and sung by Jeff Lee

One Night Stand Again - Written and sung by Pete Nelson of The Receders, harp by Jeff Lee


Anonymous said...

Great Music! does a guy who plays keyboard, since he is old enough to crawl up on the piano bench, become TADA..."harmonica man"???!! Anyway, love your stuff--but your name should be "piano man", or "keys" or "keyboard man" or "the amazing man who plays two instruments at once"...well, you get the idea! Love ya! sis

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Wow, how much do I owe you for that comment? Thanks for the nice props!

This blog isn't specifically about my harmonica or piano playing. I chose "harmonica man" for a few reasons - I REALLY love the harp, I have more solo recordings of my harp stuff than keyboard, and - I don't have any cool pictures of me playing keyboards.

Can't wait to see you on the 27th!