Friday, January 20, 2006

Sorry, haven't Scene It

My wife and I don't get off our block much, especially when it comes to seeing movies.

Turns out that if we get lucky enough to find a few minutes without kids, homework, music lessons, household duties, paper routes etc, we always opt for a quiet night
of "quality time" together in a quaint coffee shop or martini bar - not a theater where we lose another 2 1/2 hours of even more precious one-on-one time alone.

And not seeing movies is ok with us. We're not really all that caught up in what's hot in Hollywood.
We can't tell you who's zoomin who. We can't remember what movie won the Oscar for best picture last year. Call us anti-American, but we don't even subscribe to People magazine for God's sake. So being out of the film loop has never been an issue...

...until last week that is.

We have a group of friends who like to get together every now and then for a night of board games and wine (hey, I told you we don't get off our block much). But the truth is, we really enjoy it. We enjoy the people, the food and the fun atmosphere. Well just our luck, the game of choice
last week just happened to be... Scene It.

Ted: "Hey, look what Sarah got me for Christmas!"
Everyone else: "Cool! I love that game, fire it up!"
Us: "Shit"

It was true. Of all the people in the world who should NOT be playing a trivia game based on movies - it is us. Unless the questions were going to be about one of the Cheaper By The Dozen, Harry Potter or Princess Diaries movies, we didn't stand a chance.

And for me, even if I do know an answer, my blurting skills leave a lot to be desired. I simply am not able to recall under pressure. Most likely the reason I have never pursued my dream of being a Jeopardy champion.

So here we were knee deep in a Scene It contest, our token destined to stay home forever. In fact, here's a sample of what we were up against.

Scene It: Be the first to identify the following ACTOR from these movie characters... Kathleen Kelly...


Me: "Wow Steve, how did you possibly know that so quick?"

Steve: "Uh, well my wife dragged me to it. But I hated it!"

Me: "Sure Steve."

All in all, we still had a really good time. In fact, we eventually moved off of Scene It and on to Catch Phrase where we kicked ass and totally redeemed respect.

Oooh - just remembered! Best picture 2005? - Million Dollar Baby.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Invite them back and play "Name that tune". You should win that one!!!-Mom

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Mom? Thanks, but I don't think your comments are gonna count because everyone will know you're my mom, and mom opinions are just slightly biased. But thanks anyhow.

Oh, and you're absolutely right btw, I WOULD win that one!