Saturday, February 04, 2006

Careful What You Ask For

When you publish one of these blog posts, you instantly become a search result on the internet. In the visitor tracking tool I use, I have seen some interesting search words which have led readers to this blog. Searches for harmonica, sneezing, lottery and doodles are common - all hitting posts I've written before.

But after one entry, Dad: Fashion Police, the biggest hit I've received since then is from the "thong searching" community. Apparently, when you post a blog entry with anything remotely perverted you attract a lot of attention. So now I'm thinking - how disappointed these poor searchers of thongs must be to click on my site only to find posts of me and my boring stuff.

Sorry pervos, but this is as exciting as it gets here.

And that's the problem with internet search engines. They take a few key words and match them up to any web content that contains them. For example, imagine if I was writing a story that contained this sentence:
One hot day the farmer was excited to find some newly hatched chicks.

Now look at this same sentence the way a search engine might find it:
One hot day the farmer was excited to find some newly hatched chicks.

Yes, thanks to Google and the like, these innocuous words now become tainted targets for the shade-drawn web weirdo.

So, in summary - in this post alone I've used the words thong, pervert, hot excited chicks, and weirdo. I just can't wait to see who shows up now!

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