Thursday, February 16, 2006

Didn't win the Powerball? Blame me!

Here we go again.

The folks in my office are feverishly tossing in their dollars in hopes of snagging the big Powerball jackpot tonight. As of right now it's a modest $300M, or $99M after taxes if you take the cash option.

Of course everyone blames me for the fact that we've never won anything. Apparently the fact that the odds are 1 in 146 million have nothing to do with it. The real reason is because I'm cynical and that's what's jynxing our chances.

None the less, I still have to jump in the pool because my luck is SO bad that the one time I don't play will of course be the one time these dorks win without me. I've said it before - I don't play to win, I play to not to lose to them.

In other words... If I have to lose, I'm taking these suckers with me!


Guess what! - We didn't win!!!

Imagine that.


Anonymous said...

Winning the whole works would not be worth what you have already won.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Hmmm, either Confucius has started reading my blog or my wife has taken to commenting anonymously.

If that's true, then yes dear, you ARE worth more to me than a stupid $99 million. If it's not true, then I've just wasted a perfectly good suck up!

Jess Riley said...

I find this whole situation very amusing. :)

Cool blog! I think I'm here by way of Lucinda.