Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Don't Break For Teens

It's spring break time again, and that means thousands of under-aged high-school teenagers will once again head to Mexico or some other party spot for a week of drinking, drugs and sex. And yes, I did say high-school teens.

I'm not much of a "ranter", but this is one topic that really gets under my skin. Maybe it's because I just don't understand it completely, so someone please tell me - who in their right mind would let their high-school teenager go on a spring break trip with other teenagers???

Either these parents are completely braindead or I'm completely stupid. Help me out here.

I've been at a LOT of spring breaks. When I was in Livingston Fury we played these towns for years, and trust me - it wasn't just volleyball and tanning. Instead, contests involving beer bongs and topless girls were at every bar. And this was back when only college kids were going on breaks. The idea of letting your high school kid take off to one of these places is insane!

And forget about the "chaperone" excuse. Two adults going along for the ride and "checking" on the kids every day is bull. The only way to keep tabs on these kids would be to lock them in their hotel rooms and force them to play Parcheesi with you the entire week.

I d
on't blame the kids. Heck, if I was in high school and my parents let me go I would be all over it too. But any parents who let their kids go on one of these spring break jaunts are just plain irresponsible. Period.

These places are nuts. Alcohol flows free, drugs are passed around like candy and EVERYONE is horny. We're talking about kids who have never (hopefully) been given this much freedom or exposed to these levels of temptations before and don't have the experience or judgment to fend them off.

(pictures found on Yahoo - click to enlarge)

Here's a couple of links that highlight the problem:

Permission to Party
Spring Break: What Parents Need to Know

There, I'm done. And wow, talk about sounding like my parents - yikes!

But when you have teenaged kids, suddenly everything changes. And the next thing you know you're trying to figure out how to prevent your kids from doing all the things you used to do.

I don't know - maybe that's just it. Maybe it's not the fact that I think it's so wrong for high-school kids to go on spring break. Maybe it's just because I never got to do it - you know, sour grapes.

Naw, it's irresponsible, stupid AND wrong. There's no other way to describe it.


Suburban Turmoil said...

I've always wondered the same thing. Who are these parents allowing their teens to go to beaches unchaperoned on Spring Break? It makes my heart stop to think about my girls going to something like that.

Schnozz said...

Rant well justified. My parents would have laughed out loud had I requested such a thing at that age--and rightly so!

Mooselet said...

We've got something similiar here in Australia called Schoolies Week. When the kids finish high school they take off for a week at the beach, usually on the Gold Coast. Picture spring break in Daytona. These kids are generally 17 or 18 and while the drinking age here is 18, many aren't quite legal yet.

Hey, no worries! Mum & Dad will buy it for them - by the case! Kids take their parents to the liquor store and tell them exactly what to buy. Rooms are paid for by parents as well.

It's defended as a "rite of passage" and "tradition". Hogwash - it's nothing more than excuse for teenagers to get themselves waaay over their head with the blessing of their parents. Not this one, however. My Teen has been warned I will not be funding any such trip when she finishes school and thankfully she's ok with that. Guess I did something right.

yellojkt said...

Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean are popular because of the low/unenforced drinking ages. This is another case of the unintended consequences of our laws. The 21 drinking age is sending business to scary poorly regulated third world countries. Not where I want my kid getting drunk/laid/high. The good ole U.S.A was good enough for me and it should be for them too.

Anonymous said...

I was 16 when I finished school here in Australia (the first time LOL) and I was allowed to go to schoolies with my friends. It was the most frightening experience of my life. Now, I didn't lead a sheltered life, I was pretty much permanently almost grounded in fact, however I never had any inclination to do drugs or binge drink. My parents knew I was a pretty responsible young girl so they let me go. Holy guacamole! What a fiasco it was. One girl got dumped by her boyfriend on the first day and ended up drinking a bottle of rum at the Violent Femmes concert (the whole reason I wanted to go). We spent the rest of the night trying to stop her from jumping off the balcony of the hotel. It was really scary and I think high school kids are far too young to cope with that sort of mess. Geez, they can't even be trusted to look before they cross the street, let alone be allowed to binge drink, purchase any amount of drugs they like and bonk their brains out.

Rant well justified indeed! My Master 10 will be getting a rude shock if he asks to go when his time comes.

When I repeated grade 12, instead of going to schoolies, a bunch of friends and I headed inland to Kingaroy to a family farm and camped by a river for 5 days. It was brilliant. We had a few drinks, but there was no pressure to get drunk. Mostly, we fished and sat around playing guitar, talking about the good old days.... I'm now 33 and I did the same thing last weekend. :-)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Thank you all for the very interesting comments. It was fun to hear how you've had to deal with the same issue, no matter where you live!