Thursday, March 16, 2006

Evolution - Part 3

As soon as the USO tour had completed, the owners of Sensitivity hung up their sequin-studded jumpsuits and called it quits. They had been on the road for years and had planned to make the tour their last hurrah, which was fine with me.

In fact by that time, I had been on the road non-stop for over a year and was ready for some time off myself from the music business. However, just 1 week after returning home I received a phone call from Livingston Fury asking me if I'd be interested in joining their band. I told them "sorry, no thanks" and that I was burned out from being on the road so long and needed a break. The next day I received a cassette tape in the
mail of some of their live recordings. I joined them that weekend.

1982: Here was the original version of the band - still stuck in the early 80's "trying to look cool but done with the 70's" look.

Soon after I joined, the guitar player and drummer left the band and we found replacements from another MN band who had recently broken up.
These guys had a harder rock edge which provided a much needed energy boost to the band. For the first two years we banged around the standard local dives before signing with a management group out of Minneapolis.

1985: However, it didn't take long before our new manager (who was also managing the teen pop group "The Jets") decided we needed an update. Suddenly all black was look of the day. Don't even ask about the aviator scarf - I have no idea.

1987: Eventually, the temptation to emulate groups like Duran Duran and Bon Jovi became too hard to resist, and long hair, eye liner and ??? clothes became the look du jour.

So where does that leave me today? Well, instead of publishing pictures of my current band The Receders on this post, you can go here to see several shots of how we look today. But if you really want to know who was underneath all of these pictures the whole time, I think this current picture of me describes it best.

Just a nerdy guy from Duluth, MN.


Anonymous said...

This is very cool, quite an evolution!

Anonymous said...

Okay... NOW you can be embarrassed! Though I must admit that the "glam" style doesn't look as bad on you as it did on me. I think I burned all of my photos from that period.

BTW, I think that scarf is back in style now... feel free to pull it out of the closet and start wearing it again.


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Dave, the scarf was never in style, so there's no way it could be back in style now. But nice try!

Mooselet said...

Oh man, you did do the glam thing. Actually, Dave's right... it's not awful. Love the big hair, however. And the scarf was too in style, just was never a good style. What does your teenager think of Dad?

Anonymous said...

I would so totally wear that scarf!

Though I am still trying to see how it would be practical for an aviator... wouldn't it get caught in the props or something?

Clarence Jr. said...


Johnny said...

Wow, thats for showing your evolution in the ages.. LOL