Monday, March 06, 2006

Headline: Dad Receives Props From Teenaged Son!

I was starting to get the hang of it. After several excursions to the local snowboard park I was actually starting to not suck. And then one day, out of nowhere, BAM! I'm innocently walking down the sidewalk and my knee gives out. A trip to the doc quickly confirms the problem...

"You're too old for this," he states.
"That's impossible," I retort. "I wrote a post called that last December. I was just JOKING when I wrote that. You can't just casually throw that kind of irony back at me!"

But alas, it was true. Apparently because I'm 44 1/2 years old, I'm supposed to be stretching before I lock my legs onto a large wooden plank and traverse steep, bumpy, icy, knee-twisting, dangerous hills. Who'da thunk?

Anyway, it wasn't until yesterday that I finally felt good enough to hit the slopes with my kids and try it again.

(Me and my 9 year-old daughter at the end of the evening)

Sweet! We had a fantastic day. The sun was shining all day, the temperature was in the mid-30s, and nobody got hurt.

In fact, after one particularly good run, my 13 year-old (who had been following me down the hill) skidded up to me, hand in the air and poised for a high five...

"Whoa - props to pops!" he shouted. "Man, you were really shreddin!"

"No, I believe I was slaloming," I corrected.

"What's that?"

"You know, slalom. Like skiing through gates, when you 'shush' back and forth. Slalom?"

"Dude," he said, "I don't know what the heck slalom is, but you were seriously shreddin."

"Dude. Thanks."

Even though I still draw curious and cautious looks from the younger set, I no longer seem to cause clouds of snow, hysterical laughter and most importantly - fear!

So you might as well stop looking for the elusive Yellowboard Yeti, that mythical character is now a legend that shall remain forever in the honorable company of Bigfoot and Loch Ness Nessie.

Bonus pic. My daughter demonstrating how not to get air. She didn't get hurt, but took the jumps a little slower after this run.


Jess Riley said...

Looks like you guys had fun!!! Loved that headline. :)

Mooselet said...

Duuuuude!!! Sweet! You've reached the pinnacle of parenthood.

I've only ever been skiing once - hated it. Snowmobiling was awesome, but skiing? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your kids but avoid big hurts, or someone else will wear your shirts! When you grab big air, don"t pull a bonner, so your name won"t change from Jeff to donner! Good guy!