Sunday, March 26, 2006

Livingston Fury - Track 6

Hot Seat (Of My Car)

Here is the link to download track 6, Hot Seat. This track has been added to the MY MUSIC DOWNLOADS dropdown box in the sidebar as well.

In Evolution - Part 3 I mentioned that our management group at the time was also responsible for the rise of the teen pop sensation group The Jets. This song, Hot Seat, was their attempt to tie us into that same formula by having us put out a similar 80's "pop" offering. I actually like this song very much and had a lot of fun with the keyboard stuff on this one. It's fun, catchy and extremely danceable. Enjoy!

Speaking of danceable, The Receders played last night for the annual Freedom Flight POW/MIA fundraiser and had another great turnout. I don't know the tally yet, but last year this event raised over $25,000 for this worthy organization.

Hundreds of people showed up for the auctions, drawings and fabulous New York strip steak dinner. Yum. We've been playing this event since 2000 and ALWAYS enjoy the evening. The people are great, the food is fantastic and the dance floor is packed.

I'll be chillin today, however, since I didn't get to bed until 2:30 a.m. and had to be at church at 8:00 this morning to sing with the choir. Yowsa.


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Anonymous said...

Freedom Flight is a very worthy organization indeed, and Minnesota is lucky to have so many key groups for POW awareness and X-POW advocacy. Every time I turn around it seems that either Minnesota or Wisconsin has some major event going on. It's much different here in the Pacific Northwest, where it is rare to even see MIA/POW flags flying.

Anonymous said...

I read you every morning, first thing. Mom and dad and I laugh about your stuff, so often. They said I should write and let you know how much we enjoy it. You do write well. Anyway, here are some of my thoughts on your blog.
The addiction to chips must be hereditary, because I have it too. Always have. Love the kettle chips! Dont have them in the house-cant!
I've witnessed your professional bands. I never could understand how one band makes it "big" and another one doesn't. Your's have all been so great. You always look like you're having so much fun, up there, too! I dont know how you can remember all the words!
Last comment..concerning dogs. You know where I stand on them! I never did trust a person who didn't like dogs! However they are a child that never grows up, that you will have to care for as long as it lives. At least you realize that and dont just go out and pick one up like some people. Then they leash it to a doghouse and totally ignore it. It lives a lonely, sad life. So, cudo's to you! Of course you know, we've gone to the other extreme and they run our lives!
So, keep up the good work, I pop you on,each day, with my coffe as I peek into someone else's life. Picturing my brillant, beautiful, neice and nephews!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Dave Yes, they have a very big presence in this area. They also have a lot of VA services around here too, which is another good thing.

Sis Thanks for the nice words! It's comments like these that keep me wanting to do this.

BTW, I'm glad you caught the fact that I'm personally not a good candidate for being a dog owner. Like I said, I do actually like other people's dogs (i.e. Lexie) - but owning one is just not for me.