Thursday, March 02, 2006


Time to turn the page. Another chapter in the book of parenthood has begun.

My 15 year-old has been dying to get a real job.
Apparently the $40/mo he earns delivering an ad supplement for the St. Cloud Times isn't enough to feed his Nintendo habit.So one day a few weeks ago, without any prompting or help from us, he headed downtown and stopped into several places he was interested in working at and filled out their applications. He's actually been applying at various chain restaurants for several months now, but those places are reluctant to hire anyone under 16.

But then this last Saturday, he got a call from a local deli owner who asked if he wanted to come in for an interview - in 3 hours.

Being the nervous mom, my wife went into emergency preparedness mode...

"Ok, here's how it's going to play out. First,
go find your black pants! Second, Jeff go take him to the hair stylist, I'll iron the pants while you're gone! Third, when you get back we're going to practice some interviewing skills - so start thinking about what you're going to say!"

At 3:55 we dropped him off around the corner from the deli for his 4:00 interview, careful not to be too early and certain not to be late. While we waited in the coffee shop next door all we could think about was how quickly our baby boy had grown up.

Gone are the days of bedtime stories, snuggly hugs and wide-eyed fascination over the tigers at the zoo.
Here instead are the days of first dates, cars and jobs ooo

A short while later my son walked into the coffee shop where we waited, a nervous smile on his face.
"Well," we asked, "how did it go?"
"He offered me the job," he said proudly.

And so there it was, a milestone moment right in front of our eyes. From boy to young man in less than 30 minutes.

My wife and I are hopeful of course that he'll use his newfound income wisely by putting some away in savings, giving some to charity, and carefully evaluating his purchases to make sure he makes wise and informed decisions.

Yeah I know - right after he stocks up at GameStop.


Mooselet said...

Congrats to your teen!! It's exciting for them, isn't it? I've also encouraged my Teen to put a certain percentage of her paycheck into a seperate savings account, to save for that huge end-of-school trip to Japan she wants to go on, or a car, or just something special. Feels like I'm talking to a wall.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I hear that!

Dave2 said...

Is that a Nintendo DS then??

So many good games coming out for the DS in the next few months... I may be looking for a second job to feed MY habit! :-)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

That's the one. DS - stands for dual screen. Twice the gaming experience at twice the cost!

Jess Riley said...

Awww...that's such a milestone!! I remember my first job.

And you know, these days that "gaming" habit doesn't end after high school. Just ask my husband. lol

Suburban Turmoil said...

Woot. That's so exciting for him!