Thursday, March 30, 2006

St. Crud, MN

She's trying. Despite our efforts to keep it ugly, Mother Nature is indeed trying to make it nice around here again.

Today it was in the 50's, the sun was shining and the last of the dirty snow patches have finally melted away. Also, the birds are coming back, there's signs of greenage and buds on the trees, and I saw my first motorcycle on the road today.

Now - if everyone would just pick up all the garbage the winter melt has left behind we could begin moving on with our spring.

No really.

I can understand that junk gets buried under the snow during the winter. I can understand how it gets collected by the snowplows and pushed up against the curb. And - I can understand that eventually the snow melts and the crap is left behind.

But what I can't understand it how anyone or any business can just leave it there, rotting in the gutters and on the sidewalks as if we were in the middle of a New York City refuse strike! Uggh.

Come on people - I'm trying to have a Spring here!


Anonymous said...

Well, the good news is that there is a weekend project waiting for you if you get bored...


Mooselet said...

I loved Playmobiles! No, really.

People are slobs. They figure if they don't get off their lazy backsides, someone else will do it for them. Sadly, they are right except we all end up paying for that "someone else".

You know it's autumn here and it was 80 today? I love Brisbane!

Anonymous said...

When I was on the Chamber of Commerce in Pond Creek, we used to organize a community cleanup day and then a cookout in the park. Got very good participation. Maybe a call to the St. Crud Chamber? Right now we are sitting on a tornado watch and the wind is blowing all kinds of crud around. Ugh.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Dave My property looks good, but as much as I'd like to, I can't save the city.

Mooselet Yeah, well as we head into summer you'll be heading into winter where you'll have to deal with the frigid 60 degree temps. NOW how much do you love Brisbane!

Linda We've already complained to our city council. I did notice one of those street sweepers out today (not Playmobile though) so hopefully they'll get to it soon. I'm still amazed at the lack of pride by the property owners though.

BTW, hope your weather doesn't get too bad!