Friday, March 31, 2006

That 70s Show

Peace out man.

This afternoon I had a groovy time playing piano for my daughter's K-6 spring concert. They decided to go waaay back and make the theme of the show "The 70s." Of course to these kids, the oldest having been born in 1994, it may as well have been the 1870s.

But what an adorable experience this was. The kids wore tie-dyed shirts they had made, the walls were adorned with their own "physcadelic" art, and the staff was all decked out in either polyester leisure suits or beatnik hippy clothes.

A favorite part of the show was the newscast some of the students put on. Four "anchor" kids presented stories (complete with slides) of 70s news, sports and entertainment events.
Recent events to most of us parents, ancient history to them.

But the highlight of the show was, of course, the music. The kids performed I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing, Sweet Caroline, and Sugar Pie Honeybunch as well as "highly" choreographed dancing to YMCA and Stayin' Alive.

Kids may very well be a life-long investment, but these are the times when being a parent pays off.

Me and my chick


Anonymous said...

My 70's garb would be entirely made of polyester.

I don't want the 70's to ever come back into style. :-)

Mooselet said...

My 70's wear was stripped bell-bottomed pants and flowered tops. Ack!!! Sadly, I've got photos to prove this.

Love your groovy headband, man. Far out.

Schnozz said...

Awww ... that is one cute picture.

Anonymous said...

I had a lime green Nehru jacket and blue Earth shoes. Good grief. And that is one cute hippy chick you've got there!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Schnozz, thanks for the compliment. But did you notice how cute my daughter is too?

If I can get a few minutes, I'll scan some of the pictures of my youth.

Since Keith Partridge was my hero, big-collared shirts, wide white belts and whatever you called those shoes with big-ass heels on them were my style!