Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not So 100 Things

If you read a lot of blogs you may notice one theme that has become very popular - the list of "100 Things" that people publish about themselves.

In general I find these lists very interesting because they give you a fairly unique look at the person you are reading about. And, because it's very difficult to compile a list of 100 things about yourself (try it), you'll find that people have to reveal some pretty unusual (and sometimes disturbing) facts about themselves to build such an extensive list.

However, you may find there are a few people out there who have obviously struggled to complete their lists and have resorted to using less-than-engaging "filler" entries to get to the finish line. Other people include their pets or their kids to fill the gaps. But - because there are no official rules for posting a 100 Things list or penalties for boring your readers, we are welcome to post whatever we feel like. That's what's so great about blogs!

So, being as how I have no pride and have revealed entirely too much information about myself already the last six months, I thought it would be fun to add to the train wreck and submit my own list. There was only one problem -


Seriously. Over the last few months I have been quietly building my list, adding items as I think of them and feeling pretty good about my progress.

Then BAM! I hit a wall. 35 things was all I had in me, and even those weren't all that fascinating. So then I started thinking I wasn't trying hard enough and began to feel inadequate in my lack of ability to find 100 interesting things about myself. Then I got over it. Then I worried about it again - and on and on.

THEN - I had another idea... Rather than try to force out a list of 100 things, why not just publish the 35 things I had so far - and keep adding to it as I continue to discover more about the true inner self that is me?

Also - people who know me could help too. That's right - if you know things about me that I've overlooked, send them to me and I'll add them to the list (only the good things of course).
Then just watch the link for "35 Things" in my sidebar at the bottom of my "Last 10 Posts" section. If the link text increases to say, "38 Things" for example, you'll know I've added something.

So this is where I've landed - a compromised list of things about me, some of which you'll recognize from entries I've posted in the past.

Hey, like I said - I only have so much material!

Click here to see my list.


Mooselet said...

It's a cool list so far! I like the idea of continually plugging away at it when you come up with something.

Anonymous said...

I wrote mine up in under a half hour. But then sat on it for weeks because I never thought that it was interesting enough to show anybody. Finally, one day I was jet-lagged in London and just decided to publish the thing.

It ended up being so well received that I gave the page its own tab on my site.

This just goes to show that things about your life that don't seem interesting to you, might be found interesting by others who haven't lived it.

Personally, I think you're off to a great start, and am curious to know what you'll come up with to finish it!

Anonymous said...

So far so good!

Hey, everyone has a story to tell. If you take away one thing from every person you meet, it makes you that much better for it.

That's my philosophy, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I started a list of 100 things I want to do before I die and I got to twelve. Now I have lost the list, so I don't know what to do.

One thing I know about you is how proud your parents are of you. One of the first conversations I had with Lois after we moved to Duluth was about her kids. She told me how proud she was of you for pursuing your music (and how proud she was of your wife for being so supportive). She just got this light in her eyes and she was beaming. Wow.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Thanks everyone. I've already come up with a few more that I'll probably add this weekend.

Linda - you are right in that my parents are proud of me. My dad's comments at the end of my 35 Things list is a good indicator (Thanks dad, I'll be adding those later too). Now if I could just get them to stop coming up on stage and giving me hugs!