Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A.M. St. Cloud

A typical morning with the Lees...

5:40 - Alarm rings for 6:00 walk. Hit snooze.

5:50 - Alarm rings for 6:00 walk. Hit snooze.

6:00 - Alarm rings for 6:00 walk.
Me: "Is it raining?"
Wife: "No."
Me: "Crap."

6:15 - Leave for 6:00 walk. (note to self: rename "6:00 walk" to "6:15 walk")

7:15 - Return from walk. Daughter (9) is waiting in the kitchen fully dressed with a smile on her face. Son (15) is still in the shower after unknown number of minutes. Son (13) is still in bed - even though his alarm went off at 6:45. Damn that glass house thing!

Me to 15: "Finish up!"
Me to 13: "Get up!"

7:20 - 15 sulks into the kitchen with a scowl on his face. This from a child who only 9 hours earlier went to bed with a chipper "good night mom and dad!" while whistling his way up the stairs. Apparently a full night's sleep has some kind of poisonous affect on 15 year-old children.

7:30 - 13 is still in shower and if allowed, would stay in there until tomorrow.

Me to 13: "Finish up! You have to leave for school in 15 minutes!"

7:30 - My turn to take a shower.

Me to myself after turning on the shower only to discover it's just slightly warmer than polar ice: "Sonofa - Crap!"

7:50 - 13 leaves for his school (which is one block away) 5 minutes late. Expect a phone call from teacher that he will be staying late for detention because of tardiness - again.

8:00 - Leave with 15 and 9 to drop them off at their schools on the way to work.

8:01 - Wife opens up box of bon-bons, ignores dirty breakfast dishes and piles of laundry and high-jumps onto the couch to begin her day of watching Oprah and Soaps.

8:01 (correction) - Wife reads my blog, then calls me to remind me how unfunny I am.


Ó Seasnáin said...

ah, life. i like to live it to the fullest :)

Anonymous said...

Sonofa Crap is a common exclamation in my morning routine... nice to know it's part of yours as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. This morning, I had no bananas for my cereal.

Mooselet said...

Your 15 is just like my Teen. Snarl, growl, glare for the first 20 minutes that she's out of bed.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

A better morning today... we were out the door at 6:05! Must be the earlier sunrise and the warmer weather. PLUS - 15 actually spoke words today instead of his usual "grunt." Yee-haw!

Jess Riley said...

Loved the last two lines. :)

Anonymous said...

If my alarm went off at 5:40, I would reach under bed, pull out my sledgehammer (which I keep for just such an occasion), and beat it into lifelessness.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Wow, the teenage morning drama sounds very familiar! And at the end, my husband calls me to remind me how unfunny I am after reading my blog!