Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Nurse Worse

I stopped by the clinic yesterday to have my cholesterol checked. I was processed and seated in the lab within five minutes. Sweet.

When the lab nurse came in I asked her how she was doing. She moaned, "I should have never come to work today. I am having the absolute worst day ever."

I laughed it off and she proceeded to draw my blood when all of a sudden the lab door burst open and another nurse came charging in screaming, "Your 11:15, the diabetic, just informed me that she has been sitting there waiting for a half hour!"

"OH MY GOD!," my nurse cried, "get her in here NOW!" She then yanked the needle out of my arm, slapped the lid on the vial and threw it on the counter. As she fumbled with the cotton and tape I told her not to bother - I'd just hold the cotton on my arm myself.

Yikes. I guess she really was having a bad day.

God knows what Nurse Frazzle did with my order after I left - if she even remembers she took it. But I know one thing... if my numbers come back too high, I ain't taking the blame!


Anonymous said...

Just so long as she doesn't confuse it with a urine sample...

Mooselet said...

... or tells you you're pregnant!

Anonymous said...

At least you weren't having a colonoscopy. You'd never make it back home in the Geo.

Schnozz said...

That comic makes me wonder what the bad news is. The bad news is that they're dead? But don't they already know they're dead? OK so what is the bad news? BAD NEWS WAS IMPLIED, NOW WHAT IS IT??

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Dave - Hey, that might make my cholesterol numbers better!

Mooselet - Don't be ridiculous, I'm too old to be pregnant!

Chanakin - Driving the Geo to me IS like having a colonoscopy.

Schnozz - I should post it again with a contest for "The bad news is..." answer. For example, The bad news is... all we serve is Tofu.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Ha ha! Good thing she wasn't checking your blood pressure!