Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Yesterday I had to attend a large meeting at a customer's office.

Since I was leaving directly from home in the morning, I needed a pen to take with me. Naturally I opened up the kitchen cupboard to grab one from the old Halloween cup someone gave my kids in lieu of actual candy.

Normally this cup is only filled with pens that don't work, and pencils with broken tips, but yesterday I hit the jackpot.

A sexy new pen I had never seen before was just waiting for me to grab it.

I was excited!

And so I went to my meeting and sat at the conference table with my pen. And as I took notes, new questions kept popping up. I eventually started to become stimulated by the conversation but at the same time found that concentrating was getting hard. Soon I was very uncomfortable and found that sitting erect was the only position possible for me.
Finally after sustaining conversation for more than four hours I excused myself and decided I should consult my physician.

During my examination my doctor told me what had happened. Apparently someone had slipped a sample pen into my cup when I wasn't looking.

(click pen to ENLARGE)

What a waste. If I'd only known, instead of going to the doctor I would have come straight home and shared my notes with my wife...

...while my pen was still working!


Note: Silly story aside, the fact is I spent an entire morning sitting at a conference table surrounded by no less than 8 other people before I realized what my pen said on it. Oy.


Wendy Boucher said...

I was going to tell you not to be embarrassed by ED and then watch how long it took you to post your disclaimer, but that would just be mean. I'm cranky today but not mean.

Funny story.

Mooselet said...

Sure - a "sample" pen that you knew nothing about? Appeared out of nowhere, did it??? I've got a bridge in Sydney to sell you... :-)

Very funny story, quite uplifting. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...

It could have been worse. It could have said Monistat.

Anonymous said...

Sounds suspicious. Kinda like . . . "Here. Hold this."

Anonymous said...

Barbaro knew he won when they started filling him with VIAGRA, so he could horse around all day!

yellojkt said...

The better story would be how that pen really got in the cabinet. is your wife telling you something?

Johnny said...

Thats funny !!!! I would have had to hide my pen..