Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ride Like the Wind

There's nothing quite like a motorcycle ride on a nice summer day.

This weekend I went up to Duluth to take my mom out on a date for her birthday (May 29) and Mother's Day. I figured since I was going alone I'd save some gas money and ride my bike. I don't know if it was because it was my first significant ride of the year (150 miles one way) or if I had just forgotten how much I love riding, but it was SWEET!

When I left St. Cloud, the weather was perfect and 85 degrees. As I rolled down the rural county highways I was reminded of what it is that is so great about a motorcycle ride.

The sun and the wind. For the same reason people drive convertibles, there's nothing like feeling the sun on your body and the warm summer wind in your face.

The smells. Only in the open air will you experience the rich smell of fresh cut grass, the unmistakable aromas of Lilac and Goldenrod, the earthy waft of freshly fertilized farms or the pungent odor of road kill skunk in all its glory.

Time to think.
Perhaps it's the fact that you have no one to talk to, but a weekend ride always provides quiet time for me to simply reflect on the beautiful scenery and forget about the hectic pace of my regular work week.

The beautiful scenery. Because I don't like being mowed down by semi trucks and tailgating tourists, I always choose a rural highway over the interstate to get where I need to go. Part of my whole philosophy of a bike ride is to take my time and relax, so roads such as these are common fare.

So yeah, it was a nice ride and a great visit with the family. Dinner with mom, time with my brother and an somewhat uncomfortable night watching Wedding Crashers with my parents on DVD. Umm, let's face it - some movies are just not meant to be shared with your folks.

Here's a picture of the three of us before I headed back home. Notice at the beginning I said the temperature in St. Cloud was 85 degrees. Here it was 62, hence the sweatshirts and jackets. It's a Duluth thing. Fortunately it warms right back up about 30 miles out of town.

Oh, and in case you were wondering - my mom and I had a fantastic time on our dinner date!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great trip! Love the picture of you guys. I still have one of Bill and Lois on my fridge. :-)

Mooselet said...

Wow, either you're really really tall or your mom is really really short. Or a bit of both, perhaps?

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

linda - It was a great trip. You should see what the neighbors have done to your back yard!

mooselet - Mom's average mom height. I'm 6'4" and dad used to be 6'4" as well, but as you can see...

Wendy Boucher said...

Growing up in Oregon, my father forbade me from riding on the back of my boyfriend's motorcycle. So of course I did it all the time. Loved it. Sounds like you had a great ride.

annelynn said...

Sounds lovely! I don't have a motorcycle, but I do appreciate a good road trip with the windows down.

I envy you your Minnesota location. I used to threaten my parents that I would move there to study wolves at the U. of MN with David Mech. My dad used to retort with the winter temperatures in International Falls in January.

I still wish I'd done what I said I'd do... that's one of the things on my list of regrets.

Hijacking your comments - not cool! You just reminded me of stuff in my life.

I'm glad your mom had a great birthday/mother's day! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It really was a great birthday/mothers's day!!I'll never forget it! I can only hope you gals out there will be treated as nice, some day!!!I am blessed!!!

yellojkt said...

We have been having weather in the 90s already, so I'm glad you had a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, did the neighbors drop a tree on the back yard? Hi Bill, love ya.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

wendy - You rebel!

annelynn - There's no such thing as hijacking comments. All comments are good comments in my book. Thanks!

mom - I doubt I'll be able to treat all the other gals as nice. I just don't have time to take all these people out!

yellojkt - I've been to Maryland a few times, winter and summer and it's always warmer than here. Beautiful area!

linda - Oh my. Was that the time dad clobbered your clothesline pole? Oops!

Anonymous said...

Bloggers should know I am guilty of sawing down a lightning damaged tree that knocked down Linda"s clothes pole. It also took down about five feet of my roof overhang. SO I AM NOT A WOODSMAN!!!

Anonymous said...

It's cool. The tree came down, Lois came out and yelled at Bill for upsetting Curtis, Bill picked up the saw, cut up the tree and straightened up the clothesline. I took pictures and it's one of our family's favorite stories. We have never had such fun neighbors!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Pictures! Bring em on!