Sunday, May 14, 2006

She Loves Me Like A Rock

Dear Mom:

45 Years Ago: You gave me life and nurtured me into a strong and healthy little boy.
40 Years Ago: You gave me music and planted the seeds of my future.

35 Years Ago: You gave me loving security and the freedom to enjoy a happy and magical childhood.

30 Years Ago: You drove me hundreds of times to my jobs, tolerated my basement bands and massaged my 3 a.m. leg cramps for an entire summer.

25 Years Ago: You supported and prayed for me as I left home to go on the road for the first time.
(arriving in Pennsylvania)

20 Years Ago: You lent me money when I needed it and then helped me with my finances.

(keyboards are expensive)

15 Years Ago: You lovingly provided day care for my baby so I could go back to school.

10 Years Ago: You become the perfect Grandma to my 3 children as they grow up and always look forward to going to "Grandma's house," having Grandma visit and getting a stick of gum in the mail in one of Grandma's "letters for no reason."

5 Years Ago: You continue to graciously open up your home while you host perfect holiday celebrations and allow my entire family to take over your house.

Today: You continue to give your love through weekend visits, thoughtful notes and special phone calls.

45 years ago you became my mom. Much of the happiness and success I enjoy today I attribute to the way you instilled your morals, faith and love in me. So for everything you've ever done for me I just want to say one thing -

Thank you!

With love and gratitude - your son,



Mooselet said...

Very sweet. Happy Mother's Day Harmonica Man's Mom!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, Lois! Thank you for all the times you 'mothered' me and 'grandmothered' my children. We all love you so much. XXOO

Anonymous said...

What can I say, after I say "Thank You"? That was beautiful--and once more I'm sniffling in my hankie!!!I am SO lucky-- God gave me the most wonderful children, that I am so proud of! I love you!!! Mom

Anonymous said...

Lois,Thank you from the bottom of my heart for, first off, raising a wonderful son for me to marry. Secondly, for being a true mother to me especially since my own mother passed away. You have never treated my any different than if I was your own daughter, including siding with me if I was right and your son was wrong:) Thanks for stepping up to the plate when I really need a mom.
Happy Mother's Day! Charli

Anonymous said...

You are now officially "the good son". I remember on your birthday with the green bike, you walked into the living room and said "Who's this for?" and then I said "Duh", and then mom got mad at me. Oh well. Happy Mothers Day, Charlie.

Anonymous said...

good job, brother! It's so great to be appreciated by your kids. Mom sure knows she is. You always were kind of quiet, never getting into any big trouble, just sort of going along. A nice kid, basically. It sure made mom's day to get this blog. When your kids are grown, and they honor you, (and they will!) you'll really get this whole thing!

Anonymous said...

Nothing you wrote compares to how she saved the family when I went through male menopause. Thank God I realized she was too good a woman to kick around. Now you know why I quit drinking, and why she leads a prayer chain!

yellojkt said...

That was the best mom tribute I read all weekend. I tured to come up with soemthing, but it would have ended up too snarky, so I held my tongue.

Your mom should be proud.