Thursday, June 08, 2006

Life Goes On

Yesterday was a melancholy day around our house, especially for my daughter.

For the last 8 years or so our kids have played hard on this yard set.

(note: picture NOT taken this week as you might think)

Then on Monday, we gave it away and in the matter of just a few hours, it was gone. The end of an era. Another milestone in our kid’s journey through life.

With our boys at 14 and 15 and my daughter now 10, it was time to move on. In the last year, the only time it had been used was when the kids were trying to see how far they could launch themselves off of the swings. They were able to launch themselves all right – all the way to the rocks in front of our deck.

It was time. The kids were too big, were in danger of hurting themselves, and my wife was starting to have visions of MORE GARDEN SPACE!

So, yesterday at 4:55 I got a call from her at my office. She was on her cell phone and the signal was a little weak.

“Honey, (crackle crackle) can you stop by the rental center (crackle crackle) and pick up a sod stripper?”

"What! You want me to pick up a sad stripper?!!!"

"NO! I said a SOD stripper, as in grass cutter."

“Oh. Well, I guess so. How late are they open?”

“Till 5:30. They have it waiting for you now.”

Whoo boy, I had a whole 30 minutes to drive home, hook up the trailer and get to the rental place. No problem. With that much time I should even be able to stop along the way and catch a quick movie!

Needless to say (because I’m the world's greatest husband) I accepted AND accomplished the mission at hand. Only a mere 5 hours later here’s what we had.

A big dirt spot to me. An empty pallet to my wife.

Knowing the talent my wife has for turning black dirt into blooming artwork, I’m sure this new space will be a beautiful addition to our property - especially after I build the arbor/garden swing that will sit right in the middle of it.

But in the meantime, my daughter still pauses for a second when she steps out the back door, and lets out a quiet little “oh,” because she hasn’t gotten used to the idea yet that her childhood friend is gone and is now nothing more than a bed of dirt.

Oh well. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see pix of the new garden. My Girlie would love a playset like the one you just took down. Couldn't you have hauled it down here for me?

Sorry. I'm wiped out from two days of internet drudgery trying to switch things around. You'll have to change my link to Oh wait! You don't HAVE a link to my blog. Well, should you want to find Fire on the Poop Deck in the future, you'll find it at the aforementioned URL. See you soon!

Jess Riley said...

a sad stripper...*snort*

Post pics of your wife's mad planting skillz! Sounds like she has what I have: garden fever, and it's catching.

Anonymous said...

They make sod strippers!!?? Son of a...

I predict you'll be giving up your plans this weekend to go along to the garden center.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the end of childhood stories make me sad. I've had too many of them. Makes me look forward to being a grandma.

You do realize if you put up an arbor/garden swing that your kids will launch themselves from it. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linky-love. And thanks for stopping by my little housewarming party. I have a whole other bottle of the tequila so we won't be running short any time soon. :)

yellojkt said...

Swing sets become rust buckets and tetanus traps. Definitely time to get rid of it before a trip to the emergency room forced the issue.

Sad to realize the kids are growing up though.

Anonymous said...

Your wife is talented. All of your hard work will be rewarded.

I am seriously considering getting rid of my swingset. The older ones like to walk along the top braces....10 feet off the ground. Unfortunately, the 4 year still loves to swing. I guess I am just going to have to gird my loins and have faith that I can get them to the ER fast...done it before!

I listened to some of your music today. Loved it!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

wendy - You're welcome. And - you're quite the party hostess!

jess - It's a fever all right, and gives me a rash - of things to do.

chanakin - And home center, and compost site, and topsoil site and...

linda - Probably. And I suppose instead of climbing on top of the fort like they used to, they'll now climb on top of the arbor. Am I right?

yellojkt - I agree it is sad to see your babies grow up. But then... only 8 more years and they're GONE! But who's counting.

ashley - Thanks for checkin out my tunes. It's my secret hope that they will spread like crazy and will become the most downloaded music on the internet and I will become rich and famous and you'll see me on TV!

That's not unreasonable - is it?

Mooselet said...

I tried to post this am, but Blogger was mad at me. It has since forgiven me, allow Yahoo! to take its place.

If your wife ever wants to visit Australia, she can stay at my place and in exchange for free room and board, she just needs to do some landscaping. Deal?

And I wonder what kind of music a sad stripper uses?

TAS said...

As I was looking at your winter picture...MN came to mind! :-) Its tough when the kids get older and we have to move on!

yoo hoo said...

I LOVE projects...sounds like our house. I'll wait for the pics.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time for a trampoline...