Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Night We Met

They say opposites attract.

I believe that. My wife and I have been opposites since the night we met. Literally.

The first time I saw her I was playing in a nightclub at the Adam's Mark Hotel in St. Louis in 1987. She was dancing seductively in front of me all night in a tight yellow minidress (which of course had nothing to do with anything). After two hours of being too shy to approach me, her girlfriend had finally seen enough and came up to me on a break and blurted out, "Hey! My girlfriend thinks you're hot!"

That was good enough for me. Several hours later as the club was closing I decided it would be nice to walk her to her car.

Me: Let me walk you to your car.
Her: Ok, but that's going to be a little difficult.
Me: Why, are you parked far away?
Her: Yeah, something like that.
Me: No problem, I'll give you a ride. Where is your car?
Her: About 5 miles west of here on the shoulder of Interstate 44.

And here's where we are opposites. Apparently on the way to the club her car ran out of gas on the highway. Instead of worrying about it, she simply hopped in her girlfriend's car (who fortunately was following her) and headed out for a night on the town.

Five reasons why this never would have happened to me:
1. I never would have headed out with an empty tank.
2. If I had run out of gas, I never would have left my car.
3. If I had left my car (which I never would have), I never would have been able to enjoy the night.
4. If, by some miracle, I had enjoyed the night (which wouldn't have happened), I never would have let my "hot" new potential girlfriend know about it.
5. If I had let my "hot" new potential girlfriend know about it, she most likely would have rolled her eyes, called me a "flake" and asked me to "move along honey, there's other people waiting here."

HOWEVER. Since we were so oppositely attracted to each other, I thought it was charming - and quickly fell in love with her, married her, had three kids and am currently in the process of living happily ever after.

And over the years, our "oppositeness" has really defined us both. For example:

She likes to just hop in the car and drive an hour down to the Cities for, "oh I don't know, whatever."

I prefer to check the weather first, plan the day and know when we'll be home.

She juggles being a stay-at-home-mom, running her own business, working with large catering events, volunteering with our kids' schools, church and the homeless shelter AND landscaping ours and other people's properties - all without worrying that there's only 24 hours in a day.

I go to work at 8 and come home at 5 and like to keep my extracurricular activities organized and managable.

She talks 100 mph while waving her hands around the whole time. (Note: while riding in a car that she's driving, do NOT let her pick up a drink and then start talking to you at the same time. Trust me.)

I don't talk much.

The point is, we're very different. When I was young I used to think the women who were most like me were the ones I would wind up being the happiest with. What I found is that they bugged me the most. With my wife, I can let her be her and me be me - and we both know who we are and what to expect. And that's a good thing - mostly.

Except yesterday when I went to use her car and it was out of gas?

Ok, I think she's gotten enough mileage out of that one.


Mooselet said...

OK, you've just turned me into a puddle of goo on the floor. I love a happy ending, or a happy continuation of the happy ending.

You, my friend, are a lucky man.

Anonymous said...

I want what you have. Period, end of story.

Anonymous said...

I have what you have. So I KNOW how lucky you are. I'm the run-the-car-on-fumes half of our equation.

I hope your also lucky wife reads your blog. I'm sure that post would bring a big smile to her face.

Anonymous said...

Can I just add that I hope Ashley gets what you have too? One Tall Momma is my best friend today and I must wish her well.

Anonymous said...

Your wife is lovely and sweet and I was always in awe of how wonderful she was with your children. You would be a flake if you hadn't fallen in love with her! I think the opposites thing is good. My hubby and I are quite opposite and very happy. But we could never build a house together.

Waya said...

I thought you were writing about my hubbie and myself. He's my Yin and I'm his Yang. And it just works!

We have been together 15 years but married for 8. I get funny butterflies when I see him in a crowd, and he feels the same.

He, let's borrow a quote from Jerry McGuire, completes me!!

Charred said...

Yeah, I tolerate stuff from my wife that I wouldn't put up with from anyone else too. After all, she puts up with my crap, and I'm a far worse person than she is.

If I forget to blogroll you when I get my template back up on my site, remind me.