Sunday, June 04, 2006


Little darling...My last post got me thinking about summer. I love summer here in Minnesota with its comfortable temperatures, 10,000 gorgeous lakes and parks-a-plenty.

One word - RAID!And if it weren't for the mosquitoes, this would pretty much be the perfect summer location. Unfortunately, because we have the 10,000 lakes, we also have 10 bazillion of Satan's little helpers to go with them.

According to the astrological calendar, the summer solstice begins on June 21 and ends September 22.

This is one way to measure the start and end of summer. But for those of us who live up north, a more accurate measure is by the holidays of Memorial Day and Labor Day.
Call it summer when you will, but up here it ain't summer until Memorial Day weekend. This is when the "summer businesses" such as waterparks, mini putts and roadside tourist attractions unlatch their shutters and welcome the pasty patrons back from their winter hibernation.

This is also the same weekend the northbound highways become clogged with trailer-towing SUVs carrying their Glastrons up north for the seasonal ritual of "opening up the cabin."

Gallons of beer and tons of brats are consumed every year during this sacred weekend of putting in the dock, turning on the utilities and mowing the lawn.

But then, just as quickly as the outhouse opens for business, Labor Day rears its ugly head and it's time to reverse the entire process for the winter. Considered by many to be the last chance to get-r-done, summer has been effectively reduced to a mere 90 days.

Forget about the weeks of beautiful weather remaining, forget about what the calendar says, forget the fact that the last 3 months really felt like 3 weeks instead. When Labor Day has passed so then has summer. And like a cold shower we go back to work, back to school and back to the fact that Halloween crap will start showing up at Walgreens in the next few weeks.

I guess I should quit worrying about the end of summer since it's only June 4 today (and my daughter's 10th b-day as well btw), but I just can't help it. As I sit outside in the beautiful sunshine sipping my ice cold glass of lemonade I can think of only one thing - I WISH IT NEVER HAD TO END!

So I'll just pretend it doesn't. Labor Day isn't real anyhow.


Anonymous said...

How dare you mention the end of summer so early.

May a hundred mosquitoes lay eggs in your hair (what's left of it).


I got my beer brats in the freezer...

Mooselet said...

When I first read "tons of brats are eaten", I thought my God, they eat their young up there!!! Then my brain kicked into gear and I caught on. But I had a great mental image for a second or two.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. What I loved about MN in the summer was the 18 hours of daylight. The crows would squawk at 4:30 a.m. and the sun didn't go down until 10 p.m. My kids griped about having to go to bed when it was light out. The windows were always open at night and what woke me up was Sebastian driving his little car under my bedroom window to see if Jess could play. And Lois and I would be out with our coffee - we were going to buy t-shirts that said "I'm up, I'm dressed, what more do you want?" Happy birthday to your little girl!

yellojkt said...

I heard Summer in Minnesota is coming on a Tuesday this year.

Wendy Boucher said...

Happy Birthday dear Harmonica Girl, Happy Birthday to youooooooo....

Have a beer and a brat for me. (you, not the 10 year old).

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

chanakin - My hair isn't really as "elusive" as it seems. I have to wear it this way to be in my band The Receders. Yeah, that's it.

mooselet - No, you're right, that's exactly how we rid ourselves of the little brats. Although we don't eat the spoiled ones (rowrr).

linda - Surely you have crows in OK? If not, I'll be happy to send you ours!

yellojkt - I'll mark my calendar. I think there's a parade that day.

wendy - Thank you! We had a big poolside party last night at the Holiday Inn and she had 10 friends over. Oddly enough it went so well I have very little humorous material to blog about. It wasn't supposed to be that way!

Mocha said...

You've singlehandedly reminded me why I love being a teacher.

Not the mosquito thing, either.

Ashley Lasbury said...

Maine summers are also only 90 days long. We go from winter to summer and then back to winter again in a flash. And in addition to mosquitos we have a wonderful little silent pest called the black fly that makes it's buzzin's cousin seem like a pussycat.

I lived in Milwaukee for several years and developed a real fondness for brats. Usingers on a real brat bun with kraut and mustard! Yum.

Happy Birthday to your Harmonica Girl. I found you through Lucinda, the pathway to all righteous blogs.

Bre said...

Just like mooselet, I thought you were eating children... and then I though, hmm, there are a few I should send him. And then things clicked in my head... woopsie!