Friday, June 02, 2006


Every spring someone will inevitably ask us what this big sandy circle is in our back yard.

So now I ask you. Is it:

1. A space for a very small pony ride?

2. An errant crop circle misplaced by drunk aliens?

3. A overdose of Roundup gone awry?

Nope, sorry on all counts. What you're seeing here is the footprint for...





Liquid Summer!

Considered the best $200 we've ever spent, this little pool has provided years of summer fun and refreshment. But this isn't our first pool.

About 5 years ago we had an older style pool that had fiberglass walls with an interior rubber liner that was held in place with several plastic clips. One particularly hot summer day our pool was infested by neighbor children who were being especially raucous, and bouncing off the walls in an attempt to create mini "tidal waves" as they called them.

Suddenly, as my wife watched from the deck, one of the clips popped off the railing. Then a second clip, then a third. The liner was coming loose!

"Get out of the pool everyone!" she screamed. "NOW!!!"

The very instant the last child was out of the pool the remaining clips popped off and the liner released itself from the frame. Before she could say another word, 3500 gallons of water came crashing out the side of the pool, creating a real tidal wave across our entire yard.

Needless to say, we didn't need to water our lawn for quite a while.


Chanakin said...

What's floating in the water? Mini icebergs?

Harmonica Man said...

Funny. It does kind of look like that - and up here it wouldn't be that big of a surprise. But I think what you're seeing is reflection from the white pipes.

Dave2 said...

And when aliens land in your pool because they marked the location because of the crop circle??


Wendy Boucher said...

Today I am an ugly jealous person. I grew up with a pool just like that one and I wish I could find a spot on our postage stamp sized lot to put one in for Girlie.

Okay, jealous fit over. Enjoy your pool! It looks like fun.

Linda said...

We had a similar pool in Corpus Christi, which we left up all year. I have no idea what it looked like underneath it. What do you do with yours in the winter? BTW, I like the pony ride idea.

Harmonica Man said...

dave - As long as they don't break the walls they're welcome anytime!

wendy - No problem, it should fit in your living room.

linda - Every Fall I drain it, wash it down with bleach, rinse it, dry it, fold it all up and put it in my garage so it's nice and clean for the kids the following summer.

And do they notice and thank me for all the effort? One guess.

Bre said...

Mmm... pool. We have a hot tub, which is lovely in the winter and the fall, but doesn't actually cut it in the summer - it's like swimming in humidity.

So, clearly, I'm jealous

Wendy Boucher said...

I know I already commented here, but I wanted to thank you for what might be the funniest comment ever on my blog. At least it made me laugh the loudest. Now if Girlie can make the same fortune as Mr. Manilow, I'll be quite happy for her.

Schnozz said...

It's ... it's just like the Simpsons. JUST LIKE THE SIMPSONS! I had no idea such a thing could actually happen.

Mooselet said...

Did you actually have grass growing after the flood? I would've thought the chemicals killed everything.

Harmonica Man said...

mooselet - These little pools don't need a lot of chemicals, just a little bleach every now and then to kill the germs.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Ha ha! Great story!