Sunday, July 30, 2006

Monthend Update - July

GAH! Slow down already!

July is already over and Target has replaced the summer section with the back to school supplies and clothes!

I swear if I see one plastic pumpkin or bag of mini-Snickers before September I'm going to get real scary!

Anyway - here's a few things I found FUN about my July:

My Father's Day gift. And what could be better than a night with your wife WITHOUT the kids! And that's exactly what my sweet wife ordered up. A romantic dinner aboard the Minnesota Zephyr train in Stillwater, MN. Nothing could have been more perfect as we dined on gourmet food, drank wine and were treated to the best a cappella singers I've heard in years.

Austin. As was documented here and here, my son has been extremely busy with his newfound project and Park and Rec board-member status here in St. Cloud. Since last update, he has appeared on four radio segments and the Mpls ABC affiliate KSTP 5 news. The NBC affiliate, KARE 11 news is coming up next week to do their story. I'm feeling a bit crippled in my ability to convert some of these segments to small MPEG clips that I can share here. But I can assure you I'm working on it and will air them as soon as I can figure it out!

My birthday weekend.

Harmonica Man in action
An annual tradition for The Receders is to play a big nightclub called Stubs in Battle Lake, a small lake resort town in central MN. Besides the excellent venue we also continue to keep

More cowbell!
the tradition of the 3 a.m. bonfire alive. Let's not mention the fact that the fire got a little big this year and nearly burned down the county.

Another reason to trek up to the lake is for two full days of this!

Rosie (center), Austin (right)

So there you have it. One July gone, one August on the way. All I can say is I hope I can slow this one down a little more.

I just plain ain't ready for September!


Waya said...

Check you out on stage and everything, and you claimed you wouldn't know what to do with celebrity! You're famous, and Austin is famous. Must run in the family!

Heather said...

Hello. Found you through Waya...just have to say it's nice to read another MN blog. Although I went to Mankato for school which is a rival of St Cloud...

Just have to mention that Hobby Lobby put out their CHRISTMAS decorations about 3 weeks ago. Argh.

I'm jealous you got to go on the MN Zephyr. That sounds like a great night. Too much $$ for us though, sadly.

Your son sounds like a great kid. You must be very proud.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

waya - Oh yeah, I'm BIG in Battle Lake!

Hey Heather - welcome! And don't worry about the rivalry thing - I'm originally from Duluth. Oh, and you can bet I won't be stoppin by Hobby Lobby anytime soon!

Bugwit said...

Hey! I've ridden the Zephyr! That thing just screams along, don't it? ;-)

It's a good time.

Stillwater is one of the things Mrs. Wit & I miss most about MN.

Hope you enjoyed it!

yoo hoo said...

I announce very night to whoever will listen, that I LOVE summer! I am in the grocery industry to I see future seasons WAY too early. So let's all relax and resort back to warm weather and stay out of the's depressing.

Anonymous said...

Have been away for three days and didn't get my 'view' fix. Happy Belated Birthday! Loved your turning 45 post. I just turned fifty last week. It's a cruel twist of fate when your geeky tween daughter turns drop dead gorgeous just when everything on your body starts going south at warp speed. Not enough to make me too self-conscious to dance disco, the electric slide, the macarena and Love Shack at my nephew's wedding yesterday. Although, when I saw the pics . . . .

Jeff and Charli Lee said...


The big Five-0 nontheless - or as I like to call it the "Jack Lord" of birthdays. Or is it the "Oh Lord" of birthdays? Whatever. Anyway, you know you're sending pics my way of your family AND your wedding dance antics.

Well... I'm WAITING!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, Jess downloaded all the pics from my new digital camera onto her computer and has already said "I can blackmail you to the end of time." I'll send you some - keep in mind, this was an alcohol free wedding, so don't even imagine if they'd had booze. My son put on his shades with his tux and looked like mafia. My daughter did the Betty Boop thing. I think maybe someday I can blackmail them! Bill and Lois, Curtis got RANDY out dancing disco and doing YMCA by the Village People. I know you think I'm lying, but I have pics of that, too. So everyone in the family can be blackmailed at this point. Jeff, protect yourself, I know you have a nephew getting married soon.

Mooselet said...

The all consuming commercialism does tend to ruin the end-of-summer enjoyment, doesn't it?

That water thing looks really fun.

Anonymous said...

Jeff: I just was outside where it is about 90 now. The girl next door is completely naked in the pool. Her mother said, "She does not like to wear anything". I guess that is okay because she is only 3 years old!!! What I am trying to say is that AGE does make a difference in how we view things.

yellojkt said...

August has 31 days. Enjoy them all. My son's band camp starts in a week. His summer is almost over.

Anonymous said...

It looks like your "July" was as special as my "May", when a certain musician came all the way from St Cloud ,just to take his mother out to dinner for her birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

My mistake---You came to take me out to dinner for "Mother's Day".I was thinking birthday,too, because I wanted your generous gift to include my birthday, that was coming up!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a fun July! As for the back-to-school stuff, that doesn't bother me since I've been thinking about the upcoming school year for quite a while, but I agree--if they bust out the Halloween stuff in the next month, I might have to protest!

Anonymous said...

Our summer has just stsrted now that my exam is over.

My kids love to tub! Soak up each day, Dad! Winter will be here soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the TONS of back-to-school crap in the store today. It took me back to my school days - when you HAD to have a Trapper Keeper only to have it last a week.

Your post already reminded me that I have not stepped foot on a golf course ALL SUMMER! (grits teeth)

What's so funny? said...

That was way cool, seeing you in action on stage! Incidentally, I don't know if I mentioned this before but one day I pulled up the wrong Harmonica Man site. I listened for a while and then realized it wasn't you. Aaaaaaaah!