Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Wise Choice for Dinner

Good news for St. Cloud... WE'RE GETTING A HOOTERS!

It's about time! Just when I thought we would NEVER have a fine dining establishment to eat at? Problem solved.

Now finally FINALLY, I have a new "go to" place when I need a new place to go. St. Cloud has long been delinquent of good versatile restaurant choices - you know, places that can fit the bill no matter what type of dinner plans you might have.

For example, just imagine how helpful it will be to have a Hooters in these situations:

Mother's Day. No longer will you have to worry about those long lines and bothersome reservations.

Anniversary dinner. Nothing says "I love you" like an intimate dinner with just you and your wife - free from all the annoying distractions that most restaurants are known for. At Hooters you won't be bothered by some "Mr. Know-it-all" waiter who is trying to impress you with his knowledge of fine French wines.

Kids' birthdays. Give your son the birthday he will never forget. Not only do they offer a complementary dessert, but there are balloons EVERYWHERE!

Business lunches. Just last week I was looking for an appropriate environment in which to conduct an employment interview with a female candidate. Hooter's policy of generously employing college women is the perfect example of how an equal opportunity employer should operate, and one place I would be proud to be associated with.

So you can see why I'm excited. For years I've been embarrassed to take my visiting relatives or parish priest out to dinner around here. The choices have just been so lame.

Now I no longer have to worry about that - we have the perfect place!


Anonymous said...

Darn! I sure wish they'd put one in near me!

Great post!
(I emailed you saying I could not find your blog but I found it...what did you want to know about San Diego?)

Mooselet said...

Dear Lord, tell me you're kidding about Hooters having kids parties. Tell me it's a photoshopped pic. Tell me that kid isn't getting an eyeful of the young ladies, well, hooters.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jeff, I was trying to contact Barbara to find out about the 11th Tank Battalion which we recruited and trained in San Diego & Oceanside. Some way her comments board ended in yours.

Waya said...

That pix is purrfect! I'm sure That little gentleman is checking out her name tag, right?!. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, let's do lunch!

Anonymous said...

I love the look on the kids face!

Birthday parties...are you kidding me!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been wishing that Enid would get some more eating establishments, but I have to say that Hooters was never on that wish list.

Anonymous said...

Hold the coffee cream!

yoo hoo said...

Hooters eh? And I had just told my sweet husband that St Cloud wasn't too big of a city, now you're all "grown" up!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

barbara - I sure wish they'd put two of them near me!

mooselet - I would imagine they do, especially since they offer this kids special at many of their stores.

waya - No, I'm pretty sure he's checking out her personality.

rick - Anytime! As long as you're buying of course.

OTM - Nope, I wouldn't kid about things like that.

linda - Enid has restaurants?

dad - Why, are you lactate intolerant?

blog-o-licious - Grown up? Hmmm, you mean like in the way a college kid is all "grown up"?

Anonymous said...

Ain't you never heard of a steakhouse, you silly thang?

Mooselet said...

I don't think you meant for it to send me to this page, but this is what I got:

Kids EAT FREE Sunday in Hooters of ROCK HILL!! Hardly ever a wait on Sunday..and Alcohol FREE. Also register for NASCAR NEXTEL CUP tickets!!!(kids 10 and under w/ accomp. adult) Kids Menu only!!!

So free Alcohol for the kiddies? That'll keep the little ankle biters quiet so dad can enjoy the atmosphere. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I took my great aunt wilma to Hooters once and she never visited me again.


Suburban Turmoil said...

Ha! I've never set foot in a Hooter's. It's not that I'm against them, it's just that orange shorts are tacky.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

jenny - Well done - mission accomplished!

lindsay - I agree. I can barely force myself to look at them... very long.

Karl said...

Yeah, because it's the shorts that we're all paying attention to. Seriously, it's the, um, wings that we like.

yoo hoo said...

My sweet husband just informed me he was sadly disapointed the first time he went to Hooters, which begs the question, he went a second time? Anyhoo, he thought it was a topless place and all the food was deepfried. Dang , what I would have given to see that face of disappointment.

Mocha said...

Fine. I'll say it.

I like Hooters. They have great wings. They were my first place of employment. My orange shorts have a place of honor on the family mantle along with other trophies.

The socks were always stupid, but they were the 80's fashion. Why can't they stop with them already.

You think I'm joking about this, don't you?

Hey, is there a new guy peering over the cloud? Cool.

yellojkt said...

Nineteen years ago I took my wife to Hooters #2 in Tampa and she hated the wings and has refused to go back. I kinda like the grouper sandwich and I have been taken there on business.

Jenn said...

Kids parties at Hooters? What dim bulb decided that was a good idea?

Funny post.

What's so funny? said...

You know, I've never been, but heard the wings are good. That orange is such a peppy color now, isn't it? And wouldn't my parents shit a cracker if I sent them a kid's party invite on Hooters' stationary. My daugther's birthday is next week. I think I'll try and find me one...