Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And many more...

First order of business...

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Today is my dad's birthday. And at 79 he is still "pushin' 80" as he would tell you. I say "still" because according to him, he's been pushin' 80 since he turned 70. I can't wait to hear what he has to say about actually becoming 80!

Anyway, here's to hoping you have an extra special super-duper Happy Birthday!

(P.S. Sorry about using the same balloons from my post the other day - but they were still good so I hated to waste them.)

I really wish I could be there to celebrate but tonight I'm out of town on business and trapped in a hotel room instead. But check this out... because they didn't have any regular non-smoking rooms available, they gave me the non-smoking jacuzzi suite for the same rate instead. Now here I am sitting in a 40' room with a hot tub, electric fireplace, king-sized bed and surround-sound stereo system like the Crown Prince of Braganza - AND I'M ALL ALONE!

Go figure.

And speaking of non-smoking... I just got back from the restaurant downstairs where apparently smoking is all the rave! I swear to God all 25 tables in this place were occupied, and at least one person at every table was smoking. Being as how I'm a good 10 miles from the nearest restaurant, I didn't feel like driving to the next county to get dinner. I did, however, manage to find the one table without an ashtray - so apparently that was the non-smoking section. Yum.

And finally, if you look at Surburban Turmoil today, you'll notice that I've nominated Antique Mommy for a "Perfect Post" award. This is a highly coveted honor only bestowed upon the finest bloggery and the blogger who blogged it. I laughed out loud in private over this story of how she had a Mary Tyler Moore kind of day. Er, well - at least how she attempted to have a MTM kind of day. Check it out, you be the judge. Oh, and while you're there, don't forget to check out the rest of her stories as well.

You'll be glad you did!


Waya said...

Happy b-day to your Dad too!!

Oh, I hate that! Smoking in restaurants! Disgusting! Hope you'll enjoy your stay in the said hotel.

but Momma said...

I LOVED that post! I laughed out loud too and so hard I had tears running down my face! HILARIOUS!

Happy B-Day to your Dad! We're headed to celebrate my MIL's 81st! on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

And I in turn nominate you for nicest man that I sorta know in Minnesota. Thanks for your kind words.

Marc said...

In New Jersey we don't have to worry about the smoking :). To answer your question though....Irma put the Depends on as soon as she noticed Lois was sporting one. Irma loves "peer pressure." Thanks for reading my blog!

Anonymous said...

I know how you found that post, you devil. Antique Mommy rocks. Happy birthday, Dad from the Cloud!

Yes, Girlie was at BlogHer because we are on a family vacation here in California seeing family. There are most definitely cartoons a-coming but not until I'm home next week.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeff's Dad!

Who's Mary Tyler Moore?

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

waya - Funny story... originally I was bumming because I was wasting a perfectly good suite alone (when I would have much preferred to have had my darling wife with me) and then BOOM! our hotel got hit by lightning!

Two hours later, after the alarms shut down, the fire department finally gave us the "all clear" to go back into our rooms. So my vision of a romantic getaway would have be for not anyway.

but momma - And a happy b-day to MIL as well! Yeah for birthdays!

antique mommy - Thanks for the nomination. I believe I'm running unopposed in this category ;-)

marc - You don't know the irony of your comment. I'm sure it confused the heck out of my mom - since HER NAME IS LOIS! Ha!

wendy - Yes, it was you who first pointed me to Antique Mommy's post - thanks! That's what's so cool about this whole blogsphere. It's like a big giant network of fun stories!

chanakin - I believe she's Michael Moore's evil mom. No wait.

Anonymous said...

Jeff: I have one more year to be pushing 80, then I will be pushing 90, so you might as well get ready!!!Dad. P.S. Thanks for the kind words, all you bloggers

Bugwit said...

Ish! As they say in your neck o the woods.

All the family went to my sister's in Indiana at New Years to see my her do some Jazz singing.

As always, Mrs. Wit and I requested a non-smoking room and we were assured that our entire floor was non-smoking.

But shortly after checking in, the smell of smoke started coming in under the adjoining door. We tried to ignore it, but it just got thicker and thicker.

We were ticked, so we called the front desk and asked them to take care of it. A few minutes later, someone knocked next door and I heard a familiar voice answer.

I stepped outside to see my brother and a cloud of smoke emerging from his room.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeff's Dad!

I loved AM's post. I howled. Thank you for leading me to her. You have good taste.

Did you actually use the jacuzzi?

yoo hoo said...

Hey Blogger's day, Happy B-day! I'm pushin 80, from the comfortable space of 47. I have no patience for smokers of anykind...blech!

Loudlush said...

I love this post! I can't wait till my Mum's birthday next month (her name is Lois as well... hmmmm, maybe we're twins?) so that I can celebrate in kind.

And I can't believe that it's 2006 and smoking is still permitted around people eating, anywhere in the world. I'd be gagging - I travel alot for work as well and like to get out of the hotel room, but on that occasion I would have been ordering room service!

Kyra said...

Boy, that hotel room sounds fantastic! You know, being alone, you can pretend you are someone famously important and there is no one there to snicker at you when you crown yourself King of France! It's not all bad!

The smoking - Ugh, I live in a state with all non-smoking restaurants. However I'm currently out visiting my parents in AZ and that is NOT the case here. I can't stand it - makes a meal taste like cigarettes!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

dad - Can you feel the love? Ain't it great!

bugwit - Ha! Busted your brother huh? I'm sure you two had a good laugh over that one...

ashley - No, I didn't use the jacuzzi. I just wasn't inspired to do anything more than want to watch TV and go to sleep. But alas, my plans for even that were thwarted - as you'll read about tomorrow.

blog-o-licious - Yeah, me either. Hopefully MN will adopt the indoor clean air act soon. I can't even imagine how much better playing with my band in the bars would be!

loudlush - Hi, welcome to my blog! Trust me, I would have ordered room service if I could. But the restaurant I spoke of was actually next door in the parking lot - and they didn't provide it.

kyra - Hey, thanks for stopping by! I couldn't agree more. Check out this post for my previous perspective on smoking in restaurants.

Bugwit said...

Yeah. Laugh.