Saturday, September 30, 2006

Blog Encounter - You Betcha

Check it out. I'm excited because I'm about to experience my very first face-to-face "blog encounter" ever.

Because Jennine lives just a few hours from me, she and her hubby are planning to drive over to see The Receders play Saturday night at Bubba's. FUN!

I've read lots of other bloggers describe their first blog encounters, and I've always wondered when it would be my turn. I know, what's the big deal? you ask. So you're going to meet some chick you met on the internet - who cares?

Ok, that didn't come out right.

Seriously though. There's a simple significance to the fact that when people communicate with each other through the blogging process, an inevitable friendship begins to form. And this makes sense too, considering that most people really don't keep hanging around blogs they don't enjoy. Therefore, it stands to reason that people who enjoy each other's blogs would most likely enjoy meeting each other in person as well. It's the sole reason that blog-based events like BlogHer, or Davecago are so popular. Trust me, if I could have gone to Davecago I would have.

So to me, meeting Jennine in person means more than just getting the chance to yuk it up with one of the funniest people I've read in a long time (you really should check her out if you haven't already) - it also represents a new milestone in the evolution of my bloghood - meeting someone based soley on the fact that we both have blogs. That's kind of cool to me.

Another Minnesota blogger friend of mine is Heather from Cool Zebras - with whom I've had a marital encounter, but not a personal one.

Ok, that really didn't come out right!

What I mean is that I've met her husband Craig, but I've never met Heather. In fact, Craig actually works for one of my oldest customers of over 10 years - and until just a few weeks ago I never even knew that Heather was his wife. I'm hoping it won't be too long before we meet in person as well.

In fact, maybe the three of us should start our own "Blog-esota" event. We could gather up all the Minnesota friends we know, bring a hotdish and some bars, and throw a serious kegger.

Now all I need to do is come up with a slogan. Hey - even better, YOU can help me out! Let me hear your best suggestion for the name of a Minnesota Meetup.

And - bonus points if you can work in the phrase "Ya sure, you betcha!"


Jennine said...

Names for Minnesota Blogger Get Togethers....hmmm.

I love "Blog-esota"!

I also love "Kegher" but that gives the wrong impression and includes nothing about "blog". Still, (get it? Still??) it implies fun!

I am so excited to meet the Harmonicas and hear The Receders.

I feel like a child watching the minutes tick by before their guests arrive for a birthday party.

Anonymous said...

Oh, fer fun!!! Maybe you could get Garrison Keillor to come (since you, ahem, blew it at the state fair). And don't forget the lutefisk. Hotdish, wow, haven't heard that for awhile. Now I miss Minnesota. And it's fall in Minnesota. Dammit Jeff!

Dave2 said...

But Davesota has such a nice ring to it... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just had my first blog-encounter. It was awesome except that I'm the biggest dork ever.

I love "blog-esota"

Mooselet said...

I think you've nailed it already with "Blog-esota". See, you're a genius and didn't even know it. I'm sucking up in order to be invited even though I don't live in Minnesota and would be unable to attend owing to distance and money, but to get an invite would be sweet!!!

Heather said...

Well, crap, we drove by you twice this weekend. Sort of.

Went to visit the inlaws. The 3 hour drive home is torture, and makes me want to cut my ears out. Other than that, fun times!

Blog-esota. Nice. Thanks for the shout out were the first person to blogroll me who didn't have some sort of connection to me...(that I knew of at the time!).

"Ya Betcha Blogesota"

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

You have to come next year. It WON'T be optional!

Even better - hopefully sooner :-)

Waya said...

I didn't read this post before reading your meeting with Jennine. So I already commented what you're addressing here with Heather over Cool Zebra. See that, I do remember what I read from your blog.