Saturday, September 02, 2006

In Labor

In honor of our long weekend, here's 5 quick questions about Labor Day. Quick, because I need to get started NOW!

1. Labor Day weekend traditionally marks the end of summer. What will you miss most about summer?
Summer? We had a summer? What I'll miss most are the long days. I love when it's still light out at 9:30. It's like having another 1/2 day left when you get home from work!

2. What are you most looking forward to this fall?
I live for fall in Minnesota. It's the right kind of crispy and the prettiest kind of color. I'm also looking forward to my kids having a bedtime again.

3. What are your plans for Labor Day weekend?
Nothing at all. Oh, except for the fact that tomorrow I'm going to start sanding the steps to the second floor of my house. Then, I'm going to clean and put away the pool. And on Monday, we're all going to the MN State Fair! But other than that... nothing.

4. Labor Unions were the driving force behind the creation of Labor Day. How else have they impacted your life?
My dad was a Teamster his whole career, so I got to hear about that a lot when I was kid. As an adult, they haven't had much direct impact that I can think of.

5. Natural labor or fully medicated labor?
Well, I guess that would be a better question for my wife. But I'm sure she would tell you that it was her EVERY intention to have a completely natural labor with our first child, until her labor went past the 24 hour mark. Then it was "Give me whatever you've got - I don't care WHAT it is!" There wasn't even a discussion with our other kids.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

I like this season too because I just ate a vine ripen tomato. What a joy to eat them, juicy peaches, or freshly picked sweet corn loaded with butter. Thank God that cows ended up with the hay diet and humans got the good stuff!

Anonymous said...

I miss fall in Minnesota. Every year I took dozens of pictures, even though I had dozens from previous years. The colors are just so stunning I couldn't resist.

What they gave me after my 24 hours of labor was a C-section, and there wasn't even a discussion with the next kid!

Thanks for reminding me that I have to clean and store the pool. Was wondering what to do this weekend. Have a great one and eat some greasy fried stuff on sticks at the fair!

Kal said...

New England has a decent fall too, you may have heard.

Nothing like a football game under the lights - the clean crisp fall air, the smell of hot dogs and hamburgers from the concession stand, the band playing that "Dah, dah, dah-de-dah-da-da, dah, dah,dah-de-dah-da-da, dah, dah, dah-de-dah-da-da, GO [insert your two-initial school name here]"

Can't be beat.

Heather said...

Sounds like an excellent plan for the weekend.

I love summer, and then it turns to fall and I always think "I love fall" and then I love winter for about 2 weeks. Spring rocks too.

Jennine said...

Lookit here, vine ripened tomato!

I swear I've stumbled across the Midwest version of the Seinfeld family.

Rarely Ordered Tasty Food Like Mussles And Oysters!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

dad - Yes, humans DO get the good stuff, like beef!

linda - You know that greasy foods isn't on my diet. I'll be looking for the low-carb, low-fat corn dog. Yeah I know, good luck with that.

kal - I've been there in the fall and you're absolutely right. New England kicks ass in the fall!

heather - Since I've started snowboarding with the kids, I've found a new reason to like winter. I doubt I'll ever love winter though, we just don't have that kind of relationship.

jennine - I see you've also stumbled on a Billism or two! Yes, about the Seinfeld thing - you are sooo more right than you'll ever know. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Amen. If I could have an epidural right now I would. Except I want them for my whole body.

Those were some good drugs.

Waya said...

I was reading your Dad's comment and he sounds like a funny guy!

And speaking of labor, I gave birth to my first son on Labor day 6 years ago (which I will post this Monday), but "drug me up" was what I said I think.

I'm not a fan of Fall b/c I know the empending cold weather is just around the corner. BRRR!!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna try this again for the fourth time.
I will miss having meals outdoors, allof them as many as possible.
We are goin to plant the icky parking strip that has been avoided due to the hottness of summer
We actually just got back from Boise for the mothers 80th b-day.
Due to the lack of compentence of the current admin I am now A HUGE backer of organized labor.
Manual labor, I have a 16 YO step daughter,