Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lunch Account

Our boys' highschool sent us the passwords to their new online accounting system the other day. We now have the ability to check on their class schedules, grades, homework, absences and how they spend their lunch account credit. It's a marvelous thing. For us.

Needless to say, we were immediately interested in how everything was going. And - as we clicked through the various pages "everything" seemed to be going just fine. Ahh.

UNTIL - we landed here, on Austin's lunch account.

Now, note that only the items listed as "PAID SECONDARY LUNCH" are the actual school lunches and the only thing we are expecting him to eat on a daily basis. EVERYTHING ELSE is him simply buying something from their à la carte menu instead.

Yeah. Things are going to look a little different next month.


Anonymous said...

Does that say coffee? Coffee?! At high school?

That is insane.

Can you buy cigarettes there too?

Heather said...

That's what I was thinking too...specialty coffee? What?

And 2 at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Wow-you'd better stop the insanity. Chips, rolls, flavored coffee--my God where will it end? He hasnt shown any ability in his long life, to make any good decisions! You go Austin--I never could stomach the school lunches either! Leave the kid alone! There's not even a can of pop on his list! Austin's Aunt

Anonymous said...

That child is GROWING. As a food broker I always have surplus food, in our surplus fridge, wish you lived closer so I could share.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

sis - Ha ha - you're a riot! ;-)

You're a nurse, so you of all people should know that with the 6 hours of skateboarding he does every day, a nutritious lunch is extra important to get him through the day and keep him sharp. Besides, we're funding that lunch acct. If he wants to eat crap he's gonna have to do it on his own dime.

[steps down from soapbox]

Anonymous said...

If I were you, I'd want to know who he was buying that second cup of specialty coffee for. Are there skater chicks at that school?

Anonymous said...

Sure brings back memories of 18and a half years of being a "lunch-room lady"!!!! Watching the kids eat the desert and the "good stuff" and dumping the main part of the meal in the garbage!!!

Bugwit said...

I thought it was just fine when the only thing students were allowed to consume was the school lunch or whatever they brought. During lunch time only.

THe world was a smaller place then. At least the students were smaller.

Anonymous said...

Specialty coffee, bottled water, Tropicana, steak sticks??? Sure is a far cry from when I was in school and the lunch lady plopped some weird excuse for food on the tray and you picked up a carton of milk. My daughter's school has a food court, for Pete's sake.

Jennine said...

Okay, Jeff. Being the à la carte lunch lady in my school district, let me just assure you that he seems to be making wise choices here.

There's nothing wrong with Aqua Fina water. Did I see a nutritious granola bar in there? What a smart kid!

So he slipped up with the whole specialty coffee thing. I bet it had something to do with impressing a girl called "Tiffy". I'll bet Tiffy's a really cute girl who has had her eyes on Austin for quite some time now. She wears those midriff shirts and extra low rider pants and just a little too much eye liner for everyone's taste. And Tiffy's getting up the courage to ask Austin to the homecoming dance. (You know the dance... where they make an appearance and leave to go to better places with less chaperones and darker lighting.)

Deep breath now and close your eyes. Click your heels three times. When you open your eyes, Tiffy will be gone...far away, and never heard from again.

I'll bet the whole à la carte thing doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Jennine - Shush.

Jennine said...

Oh!!!! Oh there's no way to properly type the laugh I just had.

That's the first time being shushed was worth it.

Wait til Darren hears this!


but Momma said...

Yes, we have a similar problem. It mostly came to a stop when I told them "Big Brother" was watching. Melee' finally had to have a block put on his account for extracurricular snacking.

Jenn said...

can you imagine if this said:

Muesli Muffin- 1
Banana - 1
Organic Milk - 1
Whole Wheat Crackers - 1
Water - 1
Applesauce - 1

I guess it just shows you High School is all that AND a bag of chips.

Anonymous said...

Austin practices for 6 hours a day, so he is serious about skateboarding. Reverend Richards said he had to practice 10,000 hours to become the worlds best pole vaulter, so Austin still has a few hours to go. Body building foods must go with any commitment to excellence and to keep up ones health. We do not worry because Austin seems to make good choices along the way.

Anonymous said...

Coffee? Yikes....

Waya said...

Gardetto? What's that? And not just any kind of coffees, specialty coffee? In high school? Do they really need more caffeine?