Sunday, September 10, 2006


 border=With all of the new visitors coming to my site this week to view my tribute to Denease Conley, I thought it might be nice if the very next thing they didn't scroll down and see was... you know, that nasty post about how I hurt my back.


I'm really not that kind of blogger. Honestly. If you scroll down through the rest of my blog you'll see nice stories about going to the state fair (complete with adorable baby animal pictures), stories about my kids and even a lovely anniversary tribute to my wife. That next post below this one was merely an aberration.

Granted, it was funny for the limited group of people who already know me, but for those poor people who have only come here to read a nice 9/11 tribute - it's probably not going to be the next thing they want to see. Besides, it's only funny until somebody throws up.

So, in an attempt to create a "happy space" between my tribute story and those nasty "m" things, I thought I'd simply create a friendly buffer zone here - a place to refresh your pallet.

Let's see, first I'll start with a cute picture of kittens...

Then, I'll show an adorable shot of me as a baby...
Finally, I'll post a picture of some pretty flowers!

Wait a minute! These are the Black Eyed Susans that started that whole post in the first place!

Eh, it doesn't matter anyway. By now I've created a safe haven to that blemish on my blog. Most people probably won't scroll down any further than this anyhow. But if you do...

...don't say I didn't warn you!


Waya said...

Nice try but no cigar Jeff! My stomach is still queasy from that "m" pix!!

Heather said...

Nice photos. What more could we ask for? Puppies, kittys, a baby.

That's just special.

The rest of us don't buy this act for a minute...

Jennine said...

~whistling "Don't Worry, Be Happy"~

Thank you. Now I'm postively twitterpated. (the happy jumpy feeling you get that causes you to smile uncontrolablly)

And to thank you properly for the maggoty/aphidy stuff let me leave you with this:

Jenny Jenny who can I turn to
you give me something I can hold on to
now you think I'm like the others before
who saw you name and number on the wall

Jenny I got your number
I need to make you mine
Jenny don't change your number
867-5309, 867-5309, 867-5309, 867-5309

Jenny Jenny your the girl for me
you don't know me, but you make me so happy
I tried to call you before but I lost the nerve
I tried my imagination but I was disturbed

Jenny I got your number
I need to make you mine
Jenny don't change your number
867-5309, 867-5309, 867-5309, 867-5309

I got it, I got it, I got your number on the wall
I got it, I got it, for a good time, for a good time call

Jenny don't change your number
I need to make you mine
Jenny I got your number
867-5309, 867-5309, 867-5309, 867-5309

Jenny Jenny who can I turn to (867-5309)
for the price of a dime I can always turn to you


Mooselet said...

Awwwwww, kitties!!!! I'm all warm and fuzzy now.

Anonymous said...

Jeff: You cannot hide the fact that you are a good father, husband and nice guy. We will be there for your music on the 28th.

Karl said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! Killer kittens!j

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

waya - That's ok. I don't want a cigar anyway. They make my stomach even queasier!

heather - I never was a very good actor.

jennine - That's so funny. The Receders played just this weekend and that was one of the songs someone requested. Are you sure you weren't lurking in the back of the room?

mooselet - Yeah, kitties will do that to you. Especially if you cover yourself with them.

anonymous - Anonymous-shanonyomous! Thanks dad - I'm looking forward to it!

karl - Good Catch! Don't let that cute fuzzy disguise fool you!

Anonymous said...

You are so goofy and you have a nice welcome mat!

Jennine said...

867-5309 is one of those songs I try not to think of because it sticks in my head like... like...images of maggots or something.

And here your band plays it!

Do you guys know "Copacabana"?

(Bet you get that song stuck in your head now)

Kal said...

Damnit Jennine, now I've got "Jennie: being sung by Barry Manilow in my head....

And Harmonica man: look at the size of that melon. I really feel bad for your mom ;).

but Momma said...

Hilarious! I thankfully missed the maggot post. So I'm very pleased with your Happy Place!