Thursday, September 14, 2006

Special Report - Skateboard Plaza Update

For those of you who have been following my son's story of bringing a skateboard plaza to St. Cloud, Austin had an exciting day yesterday.

My wife received a call from Kare 11 News (the Mpls NBC affiliate) at 2:00 yesterday afternoon asking if they could come up and do a story on Austin - in 2 hours! Sure enough, at 4:00 there they were on my deck interviewing the guy while my wife and I watched from the kitchen window.

Needless to say, Austin is very excited about this press. Click here to see the story and video.

I was amazed at how much time and effort Amy and Monica put into producing this story. They had to drive one hour to St. Cloud, interview the mayor and Austin for over 2 hours and then drive back an hour again so they could edit the story for the 10:00 news. They didn't even leave town until after 5:00. That's like 6 hours of work for a 2-minute spot!

So thanks Kare 11, this story will help a lot. We're already receiving inquiries as to where people can donate. Right now we have this web site up and in progress.

One thing's for sure, Austin sure doesn't mind all the attention. Especially when it comes from such wonderful people as these!


Waya said...

Oh man Dad, you should be so proud of Austin!!

He's the coolest kid on the block right?! Way to go Austin, and I've been following the progress on the Skateboard Plaza for a while now. Good luck buddy!

PS: You're already a superstar in your brother's eye right, with all those babes!! ;-) Sorry Mom & Dad.

Anonymous said...

GO AUSTIN!!! I love that kid.

The outfit she's wearing makes me wonder just how behind I am in fashion.

Jennine said...

Wow. My kid picks up his socks and I'm ready to call KARE 11 with a story. Your kid is actually making change in his home town!

Well done, Mr and Mrs Harmonica Man. Your family is exactly what makes Minnesota so dang special.

Anonymous said...

That video was soooo cool. I hope you'll keep us posted on his skate park progress. What an articulate chap he is.

Anonymous said...

Austin: Ask the mayor if you can rename the park for the first person to donate you the million. Don"t laugh, lots of stadiums or other big buildings have been erected as memorials. Just tell them it is now less than a million.(anonymous does not work)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

waya - Yeah, we're pretty excited for him. He's working really hard on this and doing a great job.

schnozz - Hmmm, that's surprising since you're such a jet-setter and all that. I guess you just need to watch more Project Runway!

jennine - Wait a minute, your kid picks up his socks! Don't underestimate that accomplishment my friend!

wendy - Thanks. He's really seems to be in his element with this project - working on something he loves and schmoozing with the local politicians and business leaders. Don't worry, I can't help but keep you posted.

dad - Believe it or not, the pledge cards he gives to the businesses has that exact same opportunity on them - but it doesn't require an entire million to get your name on it. So... is it going to be named after you?

Anonymous said...

Jeff: Austin got his hundred dollars from Grandma & Grnadpa already!

Anonymous said...

I was so impressed with how smooth and calm--cool and collected , and as Wendy said--so articulate---Austin was when he was being interviewed!!!Most grown-ups don't do that well!!!Sure am proud to be his Grandmother!!!

Heather said...

That is waaaaayyy cool. (Or some more up-to-date slang for coolness.)

That's one smart kid you have there. Must take after Mom?

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome, we could all be so passionae about something we deem so important

yellojkt said...

It's really coming to life. That is so great for your son.

Jess Riley said...

That is so cool!!! What a fantastic kid. :)

Mooselet said...

That is just fabulous! You guys must be so proud of him. Well done Austin!

Anonymous said...

Raising money for our youth shelter, anyone who pledged a minimum of $1000.00 gets their name on a brick that goes into a huge wall. And we actually lost a $250,000 pledge because we wouldn't name the building after the donor's children (have to name it after the founder). So yeah, don't discount how much people like to see their names on bricks in public places!

I am in awe of your son!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

mom - Smooth, calm, cool and collected. Kinda sounds like his old man huh?

heather - There's a "smart" part of him that takes after me too - you know, the part that ends in "alek."

carla - Indeed.

yello - Thanks. Coming to life is an understatement. The kid works harder at this than most adults!

jess - Thank you too. We kinda like him :0

mooselet - Yep. His grandpa from St. Louis said he needed all new shirts now, because all the buttons had popped off of his from pride.

linda - Thanks for the idea. We'll definitely bring up the brick donor thing. Austin's hosting a huge meeting in Oct to present the project to the public, so that would be a good time to mention incentives and etc.

but Momma said...

Doesn't hurt that they were cute too, huh? :)

Do you need an extra kid? I have a twelve year old boy, I'm thinkin about selling.

Anonymous said...

Jeff: I know you are holding back some information, but You should be thinking about a movie or at least a book. Hopefully you are gathering everything. Perhaps we may have another wonderful movie like "Rudy" being created.