Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Michael Michael Motorcycle

I'm pretty sure we had several different milkmen when we were young. Or I should say my mom had several different milkmen - but then that wouldn't be very nice now would it.

I jest of course, but only because of the extreme differences among us siblings. The oldest, my sister, has bright red hair. My older brother Rick is blonde and not too tall. I'm next with the dark hair at 6'4" - and my little brother Mike starts it all over again with the red hair.

This happens to be somewhat of a milestone year in our family. Because the four of us are all five years apart - and because Rick just celebrated his 50th birthday... this makes Michael 40 years old next week on Nov 2.

And with that - I would like to wish a very happy birthday to my little brother Mike!

For whatever reason, Mike and I didn't really get the chance to "hang out" together too much when we were kids. I had my own group of friends and he had his and these two groups didn't cross over at any time.

Mike is also very different than me in a lot of ways too, so that's another reason we didn't spend much time together. For example, he LOVES to hunt and fish.
Me - eh, not at all.

By the time Mike was in high school I was already out of the house and on the road. Then, by the time I got off the road, he had enlisted in the Air Force, was married and had a son. In fact, he and his darling wife have been sweethearts since the 7th grade!

Now Mike and his wife live just an hour north of me, have three great boys and a beautiful house right in the heart of the "Brainerd Lakes Area," a paradise for anyone who enjoys outdoor sports - especially fishing.

So happy birthday to you little brother. I hope you find the big 4-0 to be everything you ever hoped it would be!

Oh, and maybe someday?... The four of us kids might want to think about a DNA test.

You know, just to make sure.


Note: I would normally post this next week on Nov 2 where it belongs, but I'll be doing something different over the next few weeks and won't get the chance to wish Mike the birthday greetings he deserves.


Anonymous said...

Lordy, lordy, look whose forty! Always loved Mike's smile - Happy Birthday, dude!

Anonymous said...

Jeff-I think it's "michael tykle motorcycle" if I remember. How did Rick turn 50, you 45, mike 40, when I'm still 16??!!I'm going to be 55-my God!I had to babysit mike, alot. Mom was out selling tupperware, Sarah Coventry, probably ANYTHING to get out of the house! He had red hair, like me..so that's what every 16 year old girl wants attatched to her! He was a very happy, smiley baby, though. So it was alright. Happy landmark birthday to all my terrrifficc, greaaaat, brothers! You are all so good to know, and I'm so lucky to be your sister!

Jennine said...

You mom had five years between each child???

God bless you Lois.

And Mike...Happy Birthday! May you get all the bass you want.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I should have questioned all the free milk and ice cream! Actually I was suspicious of a weather man who continually called her to ask if the coast was clear. That cheapskate never even left a thermometer for her help with the weather.

Waya said...

Happy b-day little bro! Yeah, we often told our youngest brother that he was found in the trash can. Nice kids' play huh?! Yeah, we're close like that.

Anonymous said...

And now Happy Birthday Mike and thanks for all the long hours you have been so willing to work for your family. You are giving your children more opportunity than you received. I hope they do not option to overlook this guift.

Heather said...

Happy birthday brother Mike.

I'm intrigued about the project for next week...

Anonymous said...

Awwww!!! What a nice brother you are! We LOVE the Brainerd area, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! Can't believe you are 40, UGH I still think I am 40. I don't like getting all mushy but I have to say that we admire you as a husband, provider, household fixer upper and mostly as a father. You and Lori married so young and were parents so young and that always stacks the odds against people but you two proved that to be totally wrong by being great parents and a great couple. Oh AND notice there are no baby pictures of you on this blog that's because you were the cutest Lee baby and they are all jealous.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bro in law

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday little brother. Cindy's right, it was "Michael tykle motercycle". Forty is kind of old, but it's hard for me to feel too sympathetic after receiving my AARP card in the mail. I hope you have a great birthday. Let's go fishing soon.

yellojkt said...

Be careful with the DNA test. Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to.

Mooselet said...

My little brother and I, just shy of two years apart, look nothing alike. But if ignorance is bliss... just kidding Mom!

Happiest of birthdays to Mike, and may all the fish bite.

Anonymous said...

Your brother looks like "Dexter". (But not in a serial killer sort of way...just a cute sort of way)

Am I the only on watching that?

Anonymous said...

I better get my "Happy Birthday, Mike", on here, before it gets any later!!! Tho I already have the one that counts, all ready to go. You know---the card with the money in it!!!! Love you, and wish we could celebrate with you!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever the case, mailman, milkman or even Dad....My brothers and my sister are just jealous that I'm Mom and Dad's favorite child!!!! Not saying you guys are bad siblings, just reminding you where you place..

Thanks for the blog Jeff, and thanks for the fact I have such a great family!!!!

Much Thanks