Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ricky Ricky, look who's - FIFTY?

Today my "big" brother turns 50.

Happy Birthday Bro!

I have to say "big" in quotes because I'm 6'4" and he's, well - not. But he IS my older brother and until I was about 15 he was also my bigger brother.

Actually, Rick and I are 5 years apart - as are all 4 of the children in our family. And as you can imagine, being 5 years younger than your brother has its disadvantages. As kids, this provided Rick the ability to "torture" me at will through typical big brother methods such as sitting on my chest and hanging a drool string over my face until he sucked it up at the very last second.

Most of the time.

Me and Rick - during prime torture years

Or perhaps this gem of putting a pillow over my face while singing this little ditty (sung to the tune of Allouette):

Suffocation, instant suffocation
Suffocation, the game we like to play
First you take a plastic bag
Then you take a rubber band
'Round your head, now you're dead
Ha ha ha ha

Ahh, good times. I will never forget those.

Then when he became a teenager, Rick and I drifted apart for awhile when he was 15 and I was - well, just a snotty little 10 year-old brother. The good news though is that he pretty much left me alone during this time while he proceeded to grow up in high school.

f-b: Rick, me and a friend at the party cabin
It wasn't until I entered high school myself that we reconnected. This time in a good way. Because Rick and I started sharing friends who were in between our ages, we were able to start hanging out together again. This may not have been in my parents' best interest, but we had some really good times nontheless.

A few years after I graduated from high school I went on the road and our quality time became severely limited. Then, about the same time I finally got off the road and bought my first house back in Duluth where we could really hang out together, Rick gets all "Ooh, I want to join the Air Force" and signs up for six years during Operation Desert Storm - and our opportunity for quality time was put on hold once again. Then, of course, as soon as he comes home, I decide to haul anchor and move to St. Cloud - where I still remain 15 years later.

Major Drymouth reporting for duty

Fortunately, Rick is the kind of guy that will come to your rescue at the drop of a hat. And more fortunately, I drop a lot of hats. When I needed help putting a new deck on my house, Rick was there. When I needed help getting Christmas lights out of the top of a 60' pine tree in my back yard, Rick was there. When I needed help cutting down that same giant tree a few years later, Rick was there again.

Chuck Norris called. He wants his face back.

In fact, Rick is there when I need anything - ESPECIALLY a good friend.

So happy birthday big brother. I wish I could be there today to share it with you but I can't make it right now, so I'm hoping you'll accept my invitation to stop up and hang out this weekend instead. I'll be the one buying dinner.

But when I do come up, I have just one word of advice...

Don't try to hold me down and fart in my face. I'm bigger than you now.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rick!!! I hope you have the best birthday ever.... wish I could be there to celebrate this weekend. Have fun!!!
He was being nice, he had the picture of you healing your canker sore (does a clothes pin ring a bell????) but he decided to be a nice brother (I think he was worried that even though he is bigger you may be stronger and you may still have some spit with his name on it)and not show it. Happy 50th - Charli

Heather said...

HA HA! The farting in the face is such a timeless brother thing to do.

That song. Nice. So loving.

Happy birthday Jeff's brother...!

Jennine said...

Happy Birthday, Rick.

Applebee's style!

Mooselet said...

Happy Birthday H'Man's brother!!

Not having any older siblings, I have to admit always being the one to administer the torture... but I never got that creative to sing songs while I did it. Must be a brother thing.

Waya said...

That was such a nice tribute to your brother and uh, what are you trying to gross me out so early in the morning for? First the maggots...now the snots. Ewww!!

Great sibling relationships are very rare and I'm so glad you have that with your brother, snots or not.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

charli (aka my sweet wife)- You're right, Rick IS stronger than me - smelling. Ha!

heather - Rick will tell you that torture rolls downhill and that he was just "passing it along." (My sister was bigger than him too.)

jennine - You mean, "Here's my birthday song. It isn't very long. HEY!"

mooselet - Like I told Heather, I believe that song started with Sis, athough I don't know where she got it from. Maybe she will enlighten us.

waya - That's not snot, that's spit. A big difference. Snot would have been gross.

Anonymous said...

I remember an incident on Trudeau Road involving my little dog being attacked by a much bigger dog and me having to spend $400 at the vet. I was going to let it go, but Rick had my back. I also remember there was a time when my son idolized Rick. Could that coincide with the beating up on his little sister era . . .

Happy Birthday Rick! Take it from me, fifty is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday--your cake's all made and ready and waiting. Your favorite one!!! There goes your diet!!!And Jeff won't be any help eating it!!

yellojkt said...

That's a great tribute to your borther. "Little" brothers tend to be bigger than the older one. My brother is bigger than me and my uncle is way bigger than my dad.

Anonymous said...

Awww...when I read the first part I was thanking God that I didn't have a brother but by the time I got to the end I was all mushy.

Please adopt me. I'm worthless as a little sister but I occassionally make people laugh.

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome, such a nice tribute to a sibling. Make sure he paves a smooth way through 50.

Anonymous said...

Hey Little Bro, I was all depressed thinking about prostate complications, impending skin lesions, and massive heart attacks, and then you go and do something like this. It almost makes me feel bad about all the torture. Almost. Anyway, thanks for the nice blog. I'm just glad you didn't have the chicken pox photo. See you Saturday.