Thursday, October 12, 2006

See y'all later!

*** Major Update ***

I'm freakin' out here! ABC called me last night at 11 p.m. and said they want to meet us in Chicago this morning - SO THEY CAN DO A SEGMENT ON AUSTIN!!!

That's right. So if all goes according to plan, Austin will be featured as the ABC World News Tonight Person of the Week this Friday at 5:30 CST. I say "if" because other world events may superscede this little story and it could possibly be bumped (they wouldn't dare!).

So tune in and check it out. They may even show my ugly mug!

Oh, and one more thing. For you technical people out there... if someone could please record or TIVO this thing for me I'd appreciate it - since I most likely won't even get to see it Friday night.

And now, back to my regularly-scheduled blog.

I always try to write a post every two days - whenever possible.
But this week it ain't gonna happen.

I'll be just a little busy with a trip we're making to Kentucky to attend my nephew's wedding, so I won't be able to post anything until sometime next week and may not even be able to read anyone else's blogs until then either.

WAIT A MINUTE! That's not good. I could miss out on some very important stuff!

What if Mooselet's cups get even BIGGER? Or Dave becomes infected by an another alien virus? Or Jennine donates another kidney?!!!

I'll feel so out of touch.

Or even worse - what if I come back and all of my readers have left me for another blog? And the only comments I have are from my Mom and Dad - who of course love me unconditionally and would never abandon me (and who have graciously volunteered to house-sit and take care of our pets. Thank you! :-)

Oh well, I guess I'm just going to have to cut the (power) cord and hit the road - and hope the world continues to keep spinning.

And hitting the road we are. In a matter of a mere 5 days we are going to: visit friends in Indianapolis, attend a wedding in Lexington, and skate three major skate plazas in Kettering OH, Louisville, and Chicago. Here's what our trip tik looks like:

That's a total of 1735 miles round trip thank you. It even looks hefty from outer space!

So I'll see y'all next week. But while I'm gone, please do me a favor - don't write anything informative, interesting or funny.

Unless it's in my comments!


Jennine said...

Considering the fact that you're now a part of my blogging family, be assured that I will continue to litter your stat counter even while you are away and will be looking forward to hearing about your adventure.

Enjoy your trip, Harmonicas. I'll be praying for your safe return.

Waya said...

I'm so jealous that your family seems to be doing lots of these trips lately. Now, how did you manage to finagle that with the kids' school and all?

Have a great time and I'm sure we'll be hearing the great details/pictures later. I'll miss your comment on my post tomorrow though. But I'll be back to check on you, you can be sure of that!

Now, don't do what I did when we went away for our first getaway, checking my post and accidentally delete a post BY MISTAKE on the CrackBerry.

Bugwit said...

HAve fun, we'll be here when you get back. Waiting patiently. Like a pet waiting for his master to come home from work. ;-)

Mooselet said...

If they get any bigger I may ask Pamela Anderson for advice. ;-)

Just be sure to bring us back something nice - no crappy t-shirts!

Dave2 said...

Ooooh... SO close to Columbus, Ohio and the miracle that is Pasta Salvi and Salvi's Bistro!

but Momma said...

You can count on me!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time--and--I'll be praying for you too, for a safe trip!! AND--no semi's crashing into you, like last time!!!

Heather said...

Semis? Do tell.

We'll still be here Jeff. Have fun.

And I wouldn't dream of starting to write funny or interesting things...especially not while you're gone.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I totally knew the Austin story would go national! I will fer sure tape it, I watch Charlie G. every night and I love person of the week.

Have a safe trip and enjoy the wedding!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry - I never post anything interesting or witty...

Have fun at the wedding, and enjoy the scenery along the highway... (blaugh)

Jennine said...

ABC-Austin's Big Celebration!!

Way to go, S8erBoi!!

Schnozz said...

Ooh! Ooooooh! I have a TiVo! And I can even e-mail it to you! Because TiVo lets you do that! (Scampers away to try to figure it out)

yellojkt said...

You're on my blogroll, so I'll just keep checking in until you're back. And trust me, you won't miss anything. Besides, most hotels have free internet. I checked e-mail and made about four posts on my 2-week vacation this summer.

Anonymous said...


Oh my god~! I've gotta remember to watch now.

*lynne* said...

i just caught the segment on ABC, on Austin's skateboard park efforts - what great coverage!

and it was a bit disorienting and making me feel all funny inside seeing something in "real life" [well, as "real" as tv is...] overlapping with "blogging life". Cool! :-)

Jennine said...

I just saw the spot, too.

Hats off to you, Jeff and Char, for raising such a confident, well spoken child.

The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.

Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't see the segment on ABC (checked the blog too late!) but BIG congrats anyway! Oh, and wave to my in-laws in the Cincinnati area when you pass thru!! (Try the Skyline Chili 4 way--it's an acquired taste, but one you'll never forget!)

Heather said...

Crap crap crap! Wish I had read this earlier!

And you even talked to Craig today. Whats up with that???

Have fun on your trip!

Anonymous said...

be safe and hope you don't have to use AAA

Anonymous said...
This is a link to the ABC webisite with the written story. Way to go Austin!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED seeing you all on ABC. I'll bet that money won't be as hard to raise now!

Anonymous said...

Bloggers: There was an Austin story on October 13 in the St. Cloud Times and another on ABC NewsPerson of the Week on that date

Anonymous said...

I cringed watching Austin go for big air, and jump all those stairs. But with the whole world watching, you have to go for it. Did he crack his tailbone? Anyway, congratulations Austin, we are all so proud of you.