Sunday, October 22, 2006

Vacation Bits and Pics

Believe it or not, our vacation was not only about Austin being on the news. We saw and did quite a few other things too.

In addition to the skate park we filmed at in Chicago, we also stopped here at the country's nicest skate plaza in Kettering, OH - the very park we are hoping to model our plaza after.

D.C. Skate Plaza - Kettering, OH

Notice how, with its beautiful green spaces and landscaping, it is so much more than just a skate park. It is, in the words of the designers, "a park to skate in."

After Kettering, we attended my nephew's wedding in Lexington, KY. We had a fantastic family reunion with people from all over the states. Austin had some fun of his own at the reception. Here he is with a girl who bravely approached him at our table and asked him to dance (who looks remarkably like Ashley's daughter Eleanor to me).

Of course she was waaay too young for him. Apparently, his newfound celebrity has given him the courage to set his sites on older targets - such as this college woman he walked right up to and asked to dance.

they grow up so fast

I'm so proud my eyes are beginning to well up.

On the way home we stopped in Louisville, KY to skate at this behemoth skate park.

Louisville Extreme Park

These guys were bustin some pretty tight moves off the rad h'pipe there too. Word up.

I knew I should've gotten a job with Sports Illustrated!

Dude on blades is doing a one-armed handstand. Sweet.

Catchin big air off the 12' half-pipe.

Finally, here are a couple of humorous signs I caught along the way. Remember, these are perfectly legitimate signs. They're only naughty if your mind is in the gutter.

No kidding. It's in Kentucky. Check it out if you don't believe me.

Whoa, "Lumbo" man. I always wondered where you got the good stuff!

Is this really the best name they could kum up with?


Anonymous said...

Kum & Go's are a dime a dozen in this neck of the woods. Yeah, weird name all right. The weirdest sign I saw was in San Franciso on a bluff. It said "CAUTION! Cliff and surf area extremely dangerous. People have been swept from the rocks and drowned."

Waya said...

Oh my goodness!! Austin takes after his Dad with being brave asking the older woman out and such?

Love those signs, I don't get it...just kidding!!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

linda - Funny. I guess that SF sign pretty much says it all!

waya - Hmmm. I asked my wife out originally - so does that mean you're saying she's old? (ha ha)

but Momma said...

In Amarillo there is a chain of convenience stores called "Toot N Totum".

Love the Kettering, OH skate park, keeping my fingers crossed for you all.

Jenn said...

very sweet skate park.

Kum on. That is funny.

Anonymous said...

The signs are hilarious!!!

The Kum & Go? At least in Minnesota we have the decency to name our gas stations "Pump-N-Munch." (My husband still giggles everytime we pass one.)

Heather said...

I've seen a few Kum and Gos during my non-extensive travels. Makes me laugh every time. Had to have been a couple of guys stoned or drunk saying "ha ha wouldn't that be funny if we named a gas station...Kum and Go??? HA HA HA HA HA!" "Dude, we're SOOO doing that!"

I can see how you'd tear up a bit with pride. Austin seems like a really great kid. Either of his "women" would be lucky to have him...of course the college woman will have to wait about 4 more years...

Big Bone Lick eh? That's just wrong.

Jennine said...

Heather- I just googled it- Big Bone Lick is Ojibwe for "Only on your birthday".


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

but momma - "Toot 'n Totum" That sounds a little like "Cut and Run" to me.

emma - You're right, that is funny.

sandy - "Pump and Munch" Well, sometimes you get hungry in the heat of the moment. I'm just saying.

heather - I think that college woman me be a new-found groupie of Austin's. She asked him to dance later on. Oh dear, I'm welling up again.

jennine - Ok, we've talked about this - remember? NO BEING FUNNIER THAN THE AUTHOR! I know how to respect that rule. That's why you don't have that problem with me on your blog.

yellojkt said...

The Grand Tour of Midwest Skate Parks draws to a close. Who knew there were so many places to break a femur?

Now go rent your boy Wedding Crashers and American Wedding so he knows what he should have been doing.

Jennine said...

Whateverrrr...what takes me hundreds of words you accomplish in one... do you remember?


I still think of that and Rarely Ordered Tasty Food Like Mussles And Oysters!

Anonymous said...

Big Bone Lick. Cannot stop laughin...

Bugwit said...

I've seen the Kum & go places, especially in Iowa. My favorite is still the 'Pump and Munch' in Austin, Minnesota.

Bugwit said...

Damn! Sandy beat me to it!