Friday, November 17, 2006

But NOT Mutt & Jeff

If you stop down to the Veranda Lounge here in St. Cloud tonight, you'll find Jeff & Pete performing in their acoustic duet.
Yeah. That's the problem with advertising local events on a blog that may have one local reader, if I'm lucky.

Hey - maybe Pete and I should go on tour! That sounds like a good idea. Just send me two round trip tickets for the date you would like us to perform and we'll be there. Mooselet, are you getting this?

By the way - I'm taking suggestions for a name of our act. If anyone has anything better than Jeff & Pete, or The Acoustics of Jeff & Pete, which is how we're billed here in December, please let me know. I have a feeling there's room for improvement.


Bugwit said...

Hey! First!

The Dynamic Duo?
Double Pickin'?
The Axe Murderers? (sorry, guitar player's joke)

What kind of music are you playing?

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I like The Dynamic Duo. Pete can be Boy Wonder.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with Jeff and Pete? For some reason it sounds kinda "homey" and nice--and also it's to the point. Of course--HIS family would like Pete and Jeff!!!

Anonymous said...

Second Helpings? God, that was pathetic. J&P? You know, forget it - I'm just not good at this type of thing. My own unborn child still doesn't have a name after 35 weeks!

And, uh, the plane ticket is in the mail. Maybe we can book you in at the local markets on weekends. But it is summer... how do you feel about spiders? :-)

Mom Thumb said...

You can do a Brangelina, Tomkat thing and call yourselves Jete or Peff. But people probably wouldn't get it. We have a couple of nice restaurants with pianos, and a tapas bar. Around February in Minnesota, you might want to think about it! (I know that was always the time I wished I lived pretty much anywhere but Duluth.)

Anonymous said...

Jeff, if you call yourselves Brooks and Dunn, you will get a much larger audience.

Ashley Lasbury said...

I vote for "The Swinging Older Dudes".
Too long? How about just "The Dudes".
Cool Dudes? Hip Dudes?

Wish I lived close enough to catch your act. I'd invite you Maine but it is just like MN this time of year with the addition of ocean.

Anonymous said...

I like Rick's reponse!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jeff. I got nuthin.

Anonymous said...

How about---Hootie And The Blowharp

Anonymous said...

again-good one Rick!! Cindy

Anonymous said...

If you found another bandmate named Bob, you could be "The PB&Js".

Once again, I clearly am spending too much time with preschoolers. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

How about pj's and you could wear flannel....with feet!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Thanks everyone for the fabulous, um... suggestions?

Ashley - I'm afraid if we go with Hip Dudes someone might insert the word "artificial" in front of it - and that just wouldn't be funny.

Rick - I'm gonna float "Hootie and the Blowharp" to Pete. That's a great one!

Anonymous said...

I like "Pete and Repeat".