Tuesday, November 14, 2006


So I check into my hotel last night and it's literally 1000 degrees in my room.


Apparently the hotel staff decided that since it was cold outside yesterday, my room heater needed to be put on the "greenhouse" setting for the entire day before I arrived.

So I did what you'd expect - I switched the "All-in-One Environmental Control Unit" to low cool and settled down to watch some TV before bed. Only that didn't help - so after an hour I switched it to high cool, turned out the lights and rolled over to get some sleep.

And then... the exact second I finally dozed off into slumberland, this piece o' crap E.C.U. kicks in like an old John Deere tractor on a winter morning. Of course that lasted all of 2 minutes before I had to get up and just turn the stupid thing off for the night.

Hotels. Are good ones really that hard to find?

Please, feel free to share your hotel horror stories. I could use some company here this week, and you know what they say... misery loves company!


Mooselet said...

That's a rhetorical question, right? You weren't expecting a serious answer, because the only thing harder than finding a good hotel is... well, when I think of something I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but whichever hotel I stay in always has the Chinese acrobatic team diretly in the room overhead. Last count, I've stayed in a hotel 62 days in 06, with another 4 pending. There's no place like home!

Mom Thumb said...

We stayed at a suite hotel in Orlando. One night, about midnight, the fire alarm went off (no fire) and we had to listen to it for an hour. The next night, some people moved in two doors down and threw a big birthday party. There were literally forty people there, they had about 20 pizzas delivered, left the door open, made no effort to be quiet. About half were kids who were hyper with caffeinated sugary pop, who ran all over the hotel, unsupervised. Most of them were in the pool and would run back and forth from there to the room, leaving pools of water for people to randomly slip and fall in. When we complained, the security officers said they could move US to another room, after we had been there behaving like decent people for five nights. We declined. To their credit, they knocked off the charge for the last night. Sorry, long comment, I'm still scarred!

Waya said...

Since my hubbie travels A LOT for business (not to our liking), he sure has lots of horror hotel stories, most of them involving some "physical activities" that can last for hours with the usual high notes of moaning and groaning. I told him next time after the activities are done, clap really loud next to the wall and say "encore, encore!" Don't these people know that the walls are really thin?! At least go in the bathroom and turn on the shower or something. Just a thought, and I'm not speaking from experience either Jeff!!

yellojkt said...

We had a room with the thermostat wired backwards. The room kept cooling in late October no matter what. We made them move us at 1 am. Another time we had tile from the wall fall into the tub. And these were very fancy hotels.

Anonymous said...

On my wedding night the hotel across the street had their very loud fire alarm go off for at least a half-hour. At 4 am.

Not. fun.

Anonymous said...

There are people that go to a motel expecting things to really heat up. You should have told the clerk that you are not a "Fast Sleeper!".

Anonymous said...

I stayed in the Villa Motel in San Antonio. The name of the hotel was written with a sharpie on the sheets and towels and CURTAINS in letters 10 inches long. The bathroom window was missing and instead they'd taped a rice krispies box over most of the hole.

I'm not kidding.

Anonymous said...

Being in a hotel usually means that I'm on a vacation from parenting. They could put me in a poorly ventilated janitor's closet in the basement and I'd still think "This is SO cool!"

The only way a hotel experience could be ruined for me is if the housekeeper put her fingers under the bathroom door and said "Mommm, can you see my fingers now? How bout now? My fingers are under the dooooor Mommmm"

Anonymous said...

I have a funny story about a hotel....

When my husband and I went on our honeymoon, we stayed at a beautiful hotel in Norway. The room was gorgeous, and as we settled in we noticed a basket on the table that was filled with tasty food and tied with a beautiful bow.

We naturally thought that this must be a "Welcome/Congratulations on your marriage Basket" and devoured it in its entirety. It wasn't until check-out time that we noticed the PRICE LIST under the basket. Now, if you've ever been to Norway, you know how expensive things are. I believe that one of the (many) small bag of mixed nuts was $7.00.

Yeah, we got the "Welcome Package" alright!

Bugwit said...

I had the misfortune of having to go to Fargo every week for a year. I was on a project team and we stayed at the Super 8 along hwy 29 there, because the cheapo management had negotiated $25 per night.

I suspected that they weren't changing our sheets at night, so I marked mine with a pen. Nope, only every third night.

Then I started to get mysterious bug bites on my body. Like, BIG ones!

Then, the third time I was told to get back in my room by a police officer in the hallway, I led a revolt to get us moved to the Fairfield inn.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Holy crap - I stayed at that same hotel dozens of times when Livingston Fury played there! Fargo was one of our regular stops. Fortunately I never got any bed bugs. But you probably picked them up from some other band though. TOO FUNNY!

Did you ever go to Cactus Jacks?