Thursday, November 16, 2006

Picking up steam!

I originally wasn't going to mention this because it feels like I talk about it too much already. But then Jennine was all... "what you talkin about Willis!" and, well - maybe I should just print what she said:

Come on Jeff...if my kid was making headlines as much as Austin is, believe me, I would be writing about it in my blog daily....hourly!! Give your blogging family some credit...we WANT to know this kind of stuff.

Ok, you win! But I'll keep it short.

On November 28, Austin is going to be presenting a huge meeting about his skate plaza at St. Cloud City Hall. This is the first opportunity for the public to come and hear the official plans, progress and next steps. Besides the city government folks, he'll be joined by Site Design Group, the nation's largest skatepark design and construction firm. Austin hired these guys to consult for this project because they are the experts who know all the specific "ins and outs" of skatepark design.

Our local newspaper published this story about it yesterday.

As if that's not enough, the Mayor called today and asked Austin to come down and be videotaped for our city's time capsule they're going to bury next week. They thought it would be cool to have his story in it since he'll still be around 50 years from now when they open it at our Bi-Centennial anniversary - and hopefully so will the skatepark!

Besides all that, he's also being asked to give speeches at both his elementary and middle schools.

Whew! Ok, I'm done now.

But I guarantee Austin isn't.


Mooselet said...

I'm glad to hear that Austin, and the skate park, are still going strong! You guys must be very proud. Let us know how the presentation goes.

Anonymous said...

For he's a jolly good skateboarding fellow.
For he's a jolly good skateboarding fellow.
For he's a jolly good skateboarding feh-ell-looow.
Which nobody can deny!

And ya'll can be thankful you didn't have to hear me belt that song out at the top of my lungs.

Anonymous said...

Austin: I think it is wonderful that you are giving so much time and talent to your community, while remaining humble.

Waya said...

Are you kidding me?! Jennine was right, if that were my kid...I'll be writing about it in!! I can't wait to read more of Austin's idea becoming a reality. I can see him run for mayor or even President some day. I credit his Mom, oh and you too Jeff. ;-)

That just awesome!!

Anonymous said...

As I said before---my only claim to fame will be that I'm Austin's grandma!!!! Way to go, Hon!!!! I am SO proud of you!!! I bore my neighbors and friends, I'm sure, bragging about you!!!

Anonymous said...

He is the coolest kid ever (besides mine of course).

but Momma said...

Go man GO!

And definitely keep us up to date!